Ariana Grande has had tons of lip injections

Ariana Grande

‘I’ve had tons of lip injections’

In a video made for “Vogue,” Ariana Grande revealed that she had long changed her appearance by plumping up her lips and using botox.


Ariana Grande talks about her injections from 8.30.

Regularly the victim of attacks on her physique, Ariana Grande spoke for the first time about the changes she made to her face over several years. “I had tons of lip injections and botox,” she said in a video made for “Vogue” magazine.

The 30-year-old actress and singer, in a relationship with a married man, clarified that she stopped everything in 2018, because she found it was too much and she had the feeling of hiding. The star added that she has long used makeup as a sort of disguise. “For years, beauty was a way for me to hide, but as I got older, I realized that makeup was a way of expressing myself and accentuating what is already there,” did she say.

If she hopes today that her expression lines around her eyes and mouth will become more and more visible, and she believes that aging is a “wonderful thing”, Ariana Grande does not rule out having recourse to cosmetic surgery in a few years. “I could have a facelift in ten years, yes. I believe we need to be able to discuss these things,” she concluded.

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