Ariana Grande in a new role! How will it work for The Voice?

Ariana Grande
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Probably no one expected this! Ariana Grande is entering a new role in her life and we will see her in the red seats on American The Voice soon! How will the most popular singer in the world cope as a coach? Will the participants want to be on her team?

Ariana Grande in a new role! How will it work for The Voice? Ariana Grande is without a doubt a singer with a great talent, good heart and a great personality that probably everyone in the world has loved! It was she who fought bravely for her dreams and worked first on the sets of TV series for young people, and then she entered the music industry for good. Now it can contribute to the career of talented people who will appear in the latest edition The Voice. Nobody expected such a turn of events! Ariana Grande officially she became a trainer in the American installment of the show. The producers finally got their way and persuaded the most popular pop star to sit on the red chair. This is a turning point not only in the program, but also in Ari’s life.

Ariana Grande then and today

Ariana Grande is a trainer at The Voice

Ariana Grande she will be the new coach at The Voice and proudly replace Nick Jonaswho sat on the red chair in the 18th and 20th editions of the show. Will the singer known for songs such as Positions, 7 rings and, among others, Break Free, cope in the new role? Will the participants of the show want to join her team? We are sure of this one hundred percent! Ari is impossible to dislike, and her sparkle in her eyes, a good heart directed at other people, will surely attract a crowd of musically gifted people. In addition, the star has millions of fans in the world, which is why many people will want to continue training alongside one of the most popular stars in the world! Next to Ariana Grande in Season 21 of The Voice will be Kelly Clarkson, John Legend and Blake Shelton, who has been on the show from the very beginning. We are already looking forward to this edition, and you? A firecracker is getting ready!

Friz then and today. How much has he changed?

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