Ariana Grande in a relationship with Ethan Slater: the comedian’s wife is “devastated” by the news

After two years of marriage, Ariana Grande has called off her engagement with her ex-husband, Dalton Gomez. This Friday, July 21st, page six Ethan Slater’s ex-wife is reported to be the actor the singer is now flirting with “devastated” Ever since he heard this news.

Love is not eternal. And it’s not Ariana Grande who would say the opposite. After several previous relationships, including a highly commented relationship with the late Mac Miller, and then another with actor Pete DavidsonThe singer, who didn’t expect to fall in love again in the near future, set her eyes on a real estate agent named Dalton Gomez. After dating for a few months, The couple gets engaged and gets married soon after, a happy marriage for the interpreter of save your tears, who spent his entire prison term at his home in Montecito, California. The same house where they got married on May 15, 2021 in the presence of around thirty guests.

Only, on July 17, TMZ announced that the million record-selling singer has split from her husband, Dalton Gomez. Unimaginable news for fans of the star who thought he was happy. A source told on Friday 21 June People what the young man would have done “has everything in his power to put the pieces back together”. But, it is clear that this will not be enough…

Ariana Grande is in a relationship with Ethan Slater, the ex-wife of the devastated actor

On Thursday, July 20, TMZ reported that the artist Blood After a few days of divorce, she has found love. For several months, it’s with comedian Ethan Slater with whom he spent several months in London, that she is coming out now. You have to believe the many scenes they shared in the movie WickedWhich would be releasing in theaters in 2024, would have been right about their sync. Media People tell that The two actors have been transitioning for several months And they both would get divorced to be together. A rumor that has been confirmed by neither the singer nor the 31-year-old actor. This Friday, July 21, a source close to the Broadway comedian’s ex-wife told Page Six how painful this breakup has been to live with. Before getting into a relationship with Ariana Grande, Ethan Slater was married to singer Lily J. Since 2018. Together, they also had a child, who was born in 2022.

“Lily J Goes Amazed”A source in the British media says. “It’s terrible because they’ve been dating since high school. They have a kid together. She’s devastated. She’s just a pale shadow of herself.”, we learn. Multiple sources have reported that Ariana Grande is reportedly the reason for the actor “Suddenly broke up with his wife”, “everything was going well between them”adds index to page six, which specifies that the actor took his wife and their child on set more than once Wicked And That’“Ariana Grande spent a lot of time with him”. A betrayal that is hard to digest…

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