Ariana Grande is afraid for her life. A psychophan with a knife threatened to kill her

Ariana Grande she’s been through a hard time. As she testified in the Los Angeles Supreme Court on September 13, the man Aharon Brown came to her house for over six months. “Through his threats, I fear for my safety and the safety of my family. I’m afraid that without the restraining order, Mr. Brown will still come to my house and try to physically harm, murder me or my family members, “she said.

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It has been going on for half a year. The man threatened Arianna Grande with death

The 23-year-old man was to visit the star’s house from mid-February this year. The singer has not made her address public, and she is terrified that Brown has managed to find her place of residence.

She said in court that At first, the man’s visits were sporadic, but they became much more frequent – he appeared in front of Grande’s house almost every day, sometimes even several times a dayduring the last two or three weeks.

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The singer also described a creepy incident. September 9 at approx. 4:15 PM Brown arrived at Ariana Grande’s home, but was stopped by star protection. The man came back around 22:20 with a large hunting knife, when asked to leave, he became aggressive. He was going to scream, “I’m gonna kill the fuck you and her.”

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The suspect was arrested because he “represents a high risk”. The singer’s tour manager believes that without a restraining ban, Brown will continue to pose a threat to his client. Therefore, the court issued a temporary order prohibiting Brown from approaching Grande. The man is in custody. The hearing is scheduled for October 5.

Ariana Grande recently got married

In early May, the media reported that Ariana Grande had married Dalton Gomez. The star confirmed this information in an Instagram post. She revealed that the ceremony took place on May 15 this year. It was a modest, elegant party in California, reported by People magazine, attended by about 20 people.

Ariana’s husband defends his privacy and little is known about him. Gomez, 25, works in a real estate agency and sells luxury properties.

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