Ariana Grande is afraid for her life. A stalker with a knife was arrested

Ariana Grande, one of the biggest stars in world music, is seriously concerned about her life. A stalker was arrested in front of her house, who had a knife with him. The case went to court, but the singer is concerned that the man may come back to hurt her and her loved ones.

Ariana Grande is currently one of the world’s most popular pop singers, who, like many other stars, began her career as an actress in youth productions. The star of the series “Victoria Means Victory” released her debut album in 2013, and the album debuted at the 1st place on the “Billboard 200” list. Subsequent albums showed that the world was crazy about a talented singer, and hits such as “Problem”, “Into You” or “Bang Bang” conquered the charts. Huge concert tours, big money and recognition of millions of fans and music critics – Ariana is compared to such legends as Britney Spears if Madonna, and “Billboard” recognized her as the most outstanding artist debuting in 2010-2019.

Grande is very popular, and fans would like to be as close to the artist’s life as possible. Unfortunately, some people do not understand the boundary between professional and private life, and even approach their idols in a pathological way. It was Ariana Grande who became convinced of this. A fan was to appear under the star’s mansion, who insisted on meeting her. When security tried to drive him away, he pulled out a knife.

Ariana Grande has a dangerous stalker. The star is worried about her life

Fortunately, the armed attacker was taken care of by the police and nobody was hurt, but Ariana Grande does not hide that she is afraid for her and her relatives’ lives. 23-year-old Aaron Brown, who was supposed to attack the singer as early as February 2021, was given a court order restraining order. The star, however, fears that this will not stop him from returning, perhaps with much more sinister intentions.

The fact that Mr. Brown he has been coming to my house regularly for over six monthsscares me. (…) Due to his threats, I am worried about my safety and that of my family. I’m afraid that in the absence of a restraining order, Mr. Brown will continue to come to my house and try to physically harm or murder me or my loved ones she said in front of a Los Angeles court.

Unfortunately, Ariana is not the only celebrity who is afraid of pursuers. Katy Perry and even Polish presenter Izabela Janachowska faced the same problem.

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