Ariana Grande played a concert at Fortnite. View the record of the entire event

Epic Games has stopped boasting about the results of Fortnite popularity some time ago and no wonder – although the game still has a large number of fans, the former glory will be rather difficult to beat (although there are also critics of the game, such as … Jose Mourinho). Nevertheless, the game still makes a fortune and appears in pop culture, and for artists it is a great place to promote their work.

It was like that some time ago with rapper Travis Scott (over 12 million people took part in it) and so it was now with Ariana Grande. The entire event was scripted, and during it the players could not fight each other. Those who took part in it can certainly confirm the uniqueness of the experience, and everyone else can find out by simply watching the event’s YouTube video. Such events in the career of a popular singer have never happened before. And Fortnite itself can add another successful action to the long list of unusual collaborations.

Ariana Grande herself appears in the game world from about 5 minutes of the material.

Below you can also take a look at photos from the concert that has already ended in the game:

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