Ariana Grande revealed the details of her wedding. She shared the photos!

Ariana Grande’s wedding is no longer a secret.

Ariana Grande revealed the details of her wedding.  She shared the photos!

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Ariana Grande revealed the details of her wedding. She shared the photos!

We found out that Ariana Grande got married at the beginning of the month. Photos of the celebrations taken by the guests began to appear on the web. Despite this, Ariana Grande’s wedding was a secret, and the star herself decided to share the details of the ceremony and touching photos. You must see how the star looked like on this special day!

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Ariana Grande’s relationship

Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez started dating each other in early 2020. At the very beginning of their relationship, the star did not reveal who her chosen one was. In December 2020, the singer’s partner asked her to marry him, and she gladly accepted the proposal. She praised her ring on Instagram. However, no one expected that the couple would decide to get married so quickly. Earlier this month, the media reported that Ariana Grande’s wedding had already taken place, and it was a modest ceremony in California. Less than 20 people attended this unique event. Only now has the star decided to reveal the photos from that day.

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Ariana Grande’s wedding

Ariana Grande was silent for a long time about the ceremony, but finally decided to reveal some details. The wedding took place on May 15, 2021, and now we have the opportunity to admire the photos that document the course of the ceremony. We also know what her wedding dress looked like! Although Ariana is known for her phenomenal creations that are breathtaking, this time she chose something completely different. It’s a fairly simple dress that wraps around her body. The neckline is in the shape of a heart, at the back a deep cut reveals the back, and the whole is made of a delicate, slightly flowing material. The whole was complemented by a modest veil decorated with a bow and pearl earrings. Even in such a simple dress, the star looked dazzling! How do you like the photos of Ariana from this special day?

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