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Ariana Grande is very popular all over the world. The singer can boast of a huge group of loyal fans. No wonder then that her talented admirers eagerly appear at the castings of the American “The Voice”, where the 28-year-old is a juror.

Ariana Grande in shock. The performance of the KCK3 trio is impressive!

Show talent always evoke a lot of emotion. Both among the viewers, as well as jurors and – of course – the participants themselves. For many people, performing in such programs is a springboard to fame and a dream come true. This was the case three exceptionally gifted sisters who appeared in the American installment of “The Voice”. The girls prepared an unusual arrangement of Ariana Grande’s hit “No Tears Left to Cry”. Probably no one will be surprised by the fact that they cared about the singer’s opinion the most. The 28-year-old did not keep them waiting too long! Do you think the KCK3 trio expected such a reaction from the idol?

Three Sisters and an extraordinary performance of “No Tears Left to Cry”

What’s the matter with you ?! Ariana shouted to the other jurors who had not turned their chairs during the performance of the three sisters. They agreed that it is obvious whose team these extremely talented girls wanted to hit. Already after the first bars it was known that the KCK3 trio had a huge musical talent and stage charisma, which their idol immediately appreciated. She listened to their performance standing up and with weights on the body. You must see it!

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