Ariana Grande starred in Don’t Look Up. Netflix’s production featured a song called Just Look Up. Watch the video.

“Don’t look up” is the latest hit film in a star cast. In production Netflix we can see, among other things: Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Jonah Hill and Cate Blanchett. The plot focuses on the fates of two scientists who make a terrifying discovery. A huge asteroid is heading towards the Earth, and its contact with our planet will result in the death of all humanity. Scientists report their observation to the President of the United States. However, the woman plays down the whole situation.

The film is a kind of criticism of contemporary society, which draws its knowledge to a large extent from social media. Additionally, it is filled with many comedy scenes, and in them it is definitely the most shining one Jonah Hill.

Another comedy character is Riley Bina – a character played by Arianê Grande. Riley is a young singer who is known all over the world. In the film, the artist is freshly separated from her partner and describes the details of her separation from her beloved without hesitation on the pages of social media. In one of the scenes, Riley performs a song called “Just Look Up”. The singer’s piece is to encourage humanity to pay attention to the cosmic threat. Check out Ariana Grande as Riley Bina!

The song features a guest appearance from the American rapper Kid Cudi. It was he who played the character of Riley’s ex-partner. “Don’t look up” turned out to be a great success. The film was nominated for four awards this year “Golden Globes”. One of the categories in which the production has a chance of winning is the award for Best Comedy or Musical. A spectacular performance contributed significantly to the nomination Ariany Grande.

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