Ariana Grande Tattoos: A Tour of the 17 Most Iconic

Pop princess Ariana Grande is known for her subtle tattoos. The power vocalist has everything from adorable movie characters to meaningful words and realistic little butterflies.

Fashion Bubbles has separated the 17 most iconic tattoos of the singer to tell her stories behind them. You can check out the tour through them all below:

How many tattoos does Ariana Grande have?

Ariana Grande got her first tattoo in 2012, since then she has become a reference in delicate and subtle tattoos. Currently, she has 34 tattoos. Her first piece of art was a simple heart on the second toe of her right foot.

What are Ariana Grande’s most iconic tattoos?

1. Baby doll

Ariana Grande's photo.
This is Ariana Grande’s baby doll tattoo. Source: Instagram @arianagrande

The affectionate nickname maternal grandmother Nonna gave Ariana Grande (and the name of her daily makeup palette), is meticulously painted in fine, small letters on her middle finger.

2. beautiful

Singer photo.
So, this is the beautiful tattoo of the singer. Source: Instagram @arianagrande

Bellíssima is yet another nickname for the superstar, this time from her maternal grandfather, Frank. Plus, this is a tribute to her Italian heritage. On her chest, the cursive tattoo translates to “beautiful.”

3. Sun, moon and stars

Photo Tattoos of Ariana Grande.
Ariana Grande moon, sun and star tattoo. Source: Instagram @girlnewyork

In recent years, Ariana has developed a friendship with New York-based tattoo artist Mira Mariah (aka Girl Knew York), who is popular for her beautifully outlined and meticulously detailed tattoos. The sun, moon and stars in her hand quickly became one of the pop princess’s most memorable works.

4. Ariana Grande tattoos: memory of Manchester

Photo of the singer's tattoo.
This is the bee behind Ariana Grande’s ear. Source: Instagram @arianagrande

As a moving tribute to the tragedy that took place in Manchester during Ariana Grande’s Dangerous Woman Tour, the music star tattooed a subtle bee behind her ear in tribute to the precious lives lost. The worker bee is a symbol of the UK city where the performance took place, representing the hardworking nature of the people who live there.

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5. Butterflies

Singer photo.
So are the singer’s butterfly tattoos. Source: Instagram @arianagrande

Ariana Grande’s butterfly tattoos decorate her arm beautifully, despite her having them covered up to get married in May 2021 to Dalton Gomez.

6. Bay leaves

Photo of Ariana Grande Tattoos.
In this way, the blonde tattoos adorning the singer’s body. Source: Instagram @arianagrande

She is adorned with whimsical bay leaves, snaking sensually across her ribs, hands and wrists.

7. Eevee

Singer photo.
So it was eevee on the biceps of the artist. Source: Instagram @arianagrande

Ariana’s nostalgic tattoo by Los Angeles artist Kane Navasard appeared on her bicep as soon as she declared she was in love with Pokemon games. With her eevee tattoo, she warms the hearts of Pokémon fans and those born in the 90s.

8. Ariana Grande Tattoos: Mille Tendresse

Photo of the singer's tattoos.
Thus, this tattoo is located on the back of the singer’s neck. Source: Instagram @arianagrande

The French phrase “mille tendresse” is written in cursive at the base of the artist’s neck. She was inspired by one of her favorite films, Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961), starring Audrey Hepburn. “A thousand tendernesses” is the translation.

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9. Toulouse

Ariana Grande's photo.
In this way, the singer’s hand is all tattooed. Source: Instagram @girlknewyork

One of Ariana Grande’s dogs is named Toulouse. For her, the dog is so special that it conquered a corner in the singer’s skin. Toulouse has even graced the cover of Vogue with her. Do you believe that?

The puppy’s name takes up a space in his mostly covered hand. It is written in a slightly curved way and below your fingers.

10. Cloud

Ariana Grande tattoo photo.
So, the cloud is located on the singer’s middle finger. Source: Instagram @arianagrande

The singer launched an adorable perfume called Cloud, which in Portuguese means cloud. But her tattoo doesn’t just mean that. Cloud is a special symbol for fans of the star. After all, many of them sport a tattoo just like this all over the world.

11. Ariana Grande tattoos: the famous barbecue

Ariana Grande's tattoo photo.
One of the artist’s most controversial tattoos, after all. Source: Instagram @perezhilton

How not to mention the BBQ Grill? Ariana wanted to tattoo “7 Rings” in Japanese kanji, but for lack of a character or two the phrase ended up being “BBQ Grill” on her palm. However, she already corrected it and decided to cover it up.

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12. The Truman Show

Ariana Grande's photo.
Tattoo in honor of Jim Carrey, after all. Source: Instagram @arianagrande

A true fan of Jim Carrey, Ariana Grande has an iconic quote from one of the actor’s best-known films — “The Truman Show” (1998). “In case I don’t see you, good morning, good afternoon and good night!”says the text that was tattooed upside down on his shoulder.

13. Venus

Photo from book Thank U, next, held by Ariana Grande.
Venus artwork by Ariana Grande. Source: Instagram @arianagrande

Feminist and empowered, Ariana has a small Venus symbol tattooed on her left middle finger. The art made by Dr. Woo, from Los Angeles, represents femininity, the Greek goddess Aphrodite and the planet Venus, which is associated with love and beauty.

14. Ariana Grande Tattoos: H2GKMO

Photo of the singer's tattoo.
This artwork is on the inside of the singer’s hand. Source: Instagram @arianagrande

This tattoo on the finger of her right hand is an inside joke of her and her closest friends. H2GKMO stands for “hones to God knock me out”. Which is to say, “Limes for God to knock me out.”

15. Chihiro

Photo of Ariana Grande singing.
Thus, the artwork is located on the forearm. Source: Instagram @arianagrande

Ariana Grande tattooed Chihiro on her forearm, from the Japanese film “Chihiro’s Journey” (2001). The character’s tattoo symbolizes her courageous and adventurous nature.

16. Myron

A true dog lover, Ariana Grande has a little homage to Myron, her sweet mixed-up pit bull, on her ankle.

17. Ariana Grande Tattoos: Crescent Moon

Ariana Grande's photo,
Moon artwork on Ariana’s neck. Source: Instagram @arianagrande

Anyway, another iconic symbol of the singer, this celestial art is on her neck, just below her ear.

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Ariana Grande Tattoos: Conclusion

Did you enjoy following Ariana Grande’s 17 most iconic tattoos? They are always very delicate and subtle, even more, very beautiful and with beautiful stories behind.

Which one did you like the most and would you have the courage to be inspired to tattoo? Of course if you do it will be a pleasure to see you on Instagram. Tag us there at @fashionbubblesoficial.

So, if you want thousands more inspirations, get to know the arts of other celebrities and check out the main tattoo trends, check out our Tattoo category.

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