Ariana Grande’s brother got engaged to a boyfriend. This is how the singer reacted

Frankie Grande, brother of Ariana Grande became engaged to his boyfriend, Hal Leon. The couple has been in a relationship for two years. The news of the engagement was immediately followed by Ariana Grande, who publicly congratulated her older brother and his fiancé.

Ariana Grande he can count on enormous support from his family, including his older brother Frankie, with whom the singer has great contact.

Frankie Grande has just announced that he is engaged to his boyfriend. The singer immediately congratulated the couple and wrote a few words on Instagram.

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Frankie Grande got engaged to a boyfriend. Ariana Grande congratulated her brother

Frankie Grande and actor Hale Leon got engaged after two years of friendship. According to People, the engagement took place during an event with the participation of the couple’s family and closest friends.

Ariana Grande’s 38-year-old brother prepared a surprise and informed his boyfriend, as well as the other guests, that he was organizing a meeting to celebrate four years of a sober life. Then there was an unexpected engagement.

Ariana Grande, who had recently married herself, was obviously present at the engagement and immediately congratulated the couple publicly. She published several entries on Instagram.

I love you so much. Congratulations to two of the most amazing men I know – wrote the artist.

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Who is Frankie Grande, Ariana Grande’s brother?

Frankie Grande is a dancer, actor, television personality and YouTube star. He appeared on Broadway, appearing in the musicals “Mamma Mia!” and “Rock of Ages”.

Ariana Grande’s brother is also very popular on social media. His Instagram profile is followed by over 2 million people.

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