Arizona’s PP Presents an Election Program Based on Lowering Taxes and Promoting Housing

PP Ariza

The Popular Party of Ariza has presented its electoral program, with which it intends to convince Arizanos and Arizanas that they are the best choice to govern the city of Zaragoza in Alto Jallón for the next four years. Elections will open on May 28 and Arizona’s popular candidacy presents itself as “a multidisciplinary team, united and formed in plural regions”, highlighting a battery of measures and proposals, divided into 12 blocks , of which there is a significant decline in taxes. “within budgetary stability” and with measures to boost the real estate market with measures to reduce renting and facilitate young people’s access to housing.

Convinced that “the time has come to demonstrate that the moderate majority exists, speaks, moves and acts”, Arizona’s PP says they have “given what we’ve all been looking for”. rely on being able to accomplish and being able to create together.” Our people, our place”. This is what he said in his presentation, in which he set out a series of measures, proposals and commitments for the next legislature, “hundreds of realistic, achievable and achievable measures”, as he puts it. are, “with which to improve the lives of citizens and the health of our institutions”. An election program of Ariza’s popular people that pretends to be “a guide to better, more useful and wiser policy”, they indicate.

Divided into twelve large blocks, Arizona’s PP measures primarily focused on two: housing and taxation. Arguing the need to help families in the current situation of rising cost of living, Popular Arizonas warns that “the demand for collection becomes merely a seizing desire.” For this reason, and defining themselves as supporters of tax exemption policy “as opposed to subsidy policies”, Tono Martínez’s presidential candidacy for the Arizona City Council ensures that if they govern “we will reduce the burden, always within a framework of budgetary stability and sustainable public accounting”.

The progressive reduction of IBI, environmental bonuses and housing rehabilitation, tax incentives for the purchase/sale of real estate, or the reduction of taxes and municipal fees in the promotion of subsidized housing, are the main proposals for tax exemptions in Ariz del PP. Some tax benefits made them all focus on reactivating the real estate market, one of the main areas of popular proposals in their election programme.

Creation of a private housing bag, promotion of new housing and rehabilitation, proposal of a housing cooperative for young people, provision of municipal land for the construction of new housing and initiation of negotiations with the Government of Aragon to develop an integral old The resettlement area of ​​the city (ARI) is one of the main commitments made by the PP of Ariza with its neighbors in the housing section of 28M. “We refuse to address this problem with a policy of slogans, slogans or interventionist approaches. What we need are innovative and viable solutions, coordinated between different administrations and that also engage private sector collaboration” , indicating the popular Arizona.

“Maximum economic independence to achieve the creation of stable employment”, support for companies that are self-employed and developing training and employment promotion policies, a start-up study for a water treatment plant, the purchase of a new sweeper that Reduces the use of blowers, improving the maintenance of parks and gardens, construction of a ‘pipican’ and space for the construction and control of feline colonies, repair of Cabolafuente and Bordalba roads, negotiations to eliminate overhead power lines , or enabling and improving parallel roads to roads and A-2, are some of the other proposals included in the election program with which the PP candidacy of Ariza wants to win the vote of its neighbors on 28 May.

To do this, they will also hold various informative programs and rallies throughout the campaign. At the moment, the agenda of the PP of Ariza has reserved an information table that will take place next weekend, Saturday and Sunday, starting at 11 am in the Plaza del Hortal. Also, they have created a Facebook profile where they want to invite all the residents of the city to take their suggestions and proposals to the municipality.

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