Arlind Cruz returns to hospital for treatment for bacterial mumps

Singer-songwriter Arlindo Cruz, 64, was hospitalized again at Casa de Saude San Jose in Humaita, Rio de Janeiro. The cause was bacterial mumps. This information was released by G1 and Estadone confirmed the hospitalization.

On the website, the family gives more details about the treatment.

Arlind’s wife, Babi Cruz, said: “On the fifth day, I went to the hospital again because of a swollen jaw. I suspected mumps. It was bacterial mumps. He took medicine. He is well and his vital signs are as good as possible.” .

Last month, Arlind was hospitalized for 21 days with pneumonia. In 2017, the musician suffered a severe cerebrovascular accident (CVA) in his home. The episode forced Sam Vista to spend his 15 months in hospital, undergoing his 14 surgeries, including 5 head surgeries, and facing a pulmonary embolism.

The stroke left scars that affected Allind’s movement and language ability. Since then, his recovery has been closely followed by his family, who share updates on his health on social media.

At this year’s Carnival, Al Lind had the opportunity to receive an award from the Imperio Serrano Samba School. Despite her health limitations, she attended the parade with the support of her family and friends.

hospital news agency reported. Estadone There is no medical bulletin regarding Arindo Cruz’s condition.

Watch: Arlind Cruz returns to the hospital.understand why

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