“Armageddon Time – The Time of the Apocalypse”, the new film by James Gray has a stellar cast

Anthony Hopkins, Anne Hathaway and Jeremy Strong lead the cast of the director’s new drama (and autobiographical)

Armageddon Time

Cecilia Uzzo
September 30, 2022 at 3.30 pm

It really is a stellar cast, that of “Armageddon Time – The time of the Apocalypse“, the new work of James Gray which will be presented at the Rome Film Fest as part of the Alice nella Città competition before landing (soon) at the cinema.

Anthony Hopkins, Anne Hathaway and Jeremy Strong they are in fact the first prominent names of the cast which also includes Jessica Chastain and other names. “Armageddon Time – The Time of the Apocalypse” is written and directed by James Gray, an American filmmaker who has accustomed the audience to intense films, from his debut film “Little Odessa” for which he had won the Silver Lion at the International Film Festival of Venice film art in 1994 until the recent “Ad Astra” in 2019.

Because “Armageddon Time” is very autobiographical

After shooting various intimate and dramatic films in his hometown – in addition to the debut film (“Little Odessa”) followed “The Yards”, “Masters of the Night”, “Two Lovers”, “C’era once in New York “- the director experimented with different stories, one set in the jungle (” Lost Civilization – The Lost City of Z “) and another in space (” Ad Astra “) before returning to tell New York.

“At a certain point, however, I came to the conclusion that New York is part of me. If you can express it directly and honestly, it is undoubtedly the best thing you can do. My first thought was to go home again, trying to do it in the most personal way possible »explained the director. “Armageddon Time – The time of the Apocalypse” is in fact one of the most autobiographical works of James Gray, who grew up in New York in a family of Ukrainian Jewish origin. Gray was the youngest of two children, and both parents were born into Jewish immigrant families. His father, son of a plumber, grew up in modest conditions, but through his work he managed to build a position in the middle class as an engineer, his mother was a teacher. “My reflections and impressions of American history, particularly in the 1980s, are a dimension of the film,” added Gray.

The plot of “Armageddon Time”

The tells a story of deeply personal growth that deals with the events of a family desperately engaged in the search for an affirmation that has involved an entire generation, the American Dream. We are in the middle of the 80s in Queens, New York, under the Reagan presidency: two kids are friends but racism is rampant around them and while Paul is white and Jewish, Johnny is black. The Jewish boy’s parents want the two to get away from each other and they succeed at first but, when some boys insult his black friend, the grandfather steps in to make him understand where justice stands. Grandfather’s words will give the Jewish boy the courage to react and defend his discriminated friend.

The trailer

The cast: performers and characters

  • Anne Hathaway is Esther
  • Anthony Hopkins is Aaron
  • Jeremy Strong (Kendall Roy in the award-winning HBO series “Succession”) is Irving
  • Banks Repeta (“Black Phone”, “The Streets of Evil”, “Uncle Frank”) is Paul
  • Jaylin Webb is Johnny

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