Armed attack on cafe owned by actor Ufuk Baykartar in Cihangir: 3 people injured

An armed attack was carried out on a man sitting in a cafe owned by actor Ufuk Bayraktar in Istanbul’s Beyoglu Cihangir district. While the man attacked and two customers sitting in the café were injured, the attacker fled the spot. After the incident the police started investigation.

The incident occurred around 11:45 pm. Reportedly, an armed attack was carried out by firing 5-6 bullets at Ayhan Yilmaz, who was sitting in a café owned by actor Ufuk Bayraktar, located on Cihangir, Defterdar Yokusu Street. The bullets fired from the attacker’s gun also hit Sabriya B and Fahri T sitting in the cafe.

While Ayhan Yilmaz, who was attacked, was injured in the waist, and Sabariye B. and Fahri T., who were customers at the café, were injured in their legs, police and medical teams were dispatched to the scene. After some time, the medical teams arrived at the spot and after providing first aid, the injured were taken to the hospital by ambulance.

Crime scene investigation teams closed the road where the incident occurred to traffic and cleared lanes for the investigation. Police started an operation to catch Ali Y, who escaped after the incident. Kemal Yukselturk, a street vendor present on the street during the incident, said:At the time of the incident, when I heard the gunshots, I immediately hid behind the counter. 5-6 bullets were fired. Two customers sitting in the café, one of whom was a woman, were injured. “He was taken to the hospital by ambulance.” He said.

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