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Cold undertones, light and delicate colors: let’s discover all the “secrets” and the main subgroups of summer, the hottest season of color change!

Cold undertones, light and delicate colors: let’s discover all the “secrets” and the main subgroups of summer, the hottest season of color change!

By now we know: knowing your own chromatic identity – we are of course talking about armocromia – it is essential to learn how to make the most of yourself. How to tell if you are one summer woman? Let’s go into this armochromatic season and identify the colors and shades of skin, eyes and hair that unequivocally identify the summer palette.

Armocromia: how to understand that you are Summer

As always, when it comes to armocromiathe first thing to do is to focus oncolor analysis. The tricky aspect of spotting is the ease with which it can be confused summer woman and the spring womansince these two chromatic seasons they are both characterized by light shades. Let’s immediately dispel some of the most common myths about armocromia, those according to which one’s own season can be recognized simply based on the color of the eyes or the background color of the complexion. The fundamental difference between two seasons that seem so similar lies in the “warmth” of the shades, which in the case of the spring palette are warm and bright, while in the summer palette they are cooler and more delicate. Compared to the Spring, characterized by value (chromatic mix between skin, eyes and hair) and high contrast, in the Summer the value is medium or light, and the contrast is medium or low.


Cold undertone and light complexion, almost always pink: this is the combo that characterizes the summer complexion, even when the skin is tanned. Speaking of tan: the “reaction” of summer women to the sun’s rays is variable. Some have skin so delicate and not very pigmented that they are unable to take on the typical sunkissed color, while others tan more easily, while remaining golden, without ever becoming “black as carbon”, As in the timeless seaside catchphrase of Edoardo Vianello.
In any case, whatever the undertone, the skin of the summer woman is enhanced by cold shadeslight and muted colors.


In the specific case of this chromatic season, let’s say that they are a useful, but not decisive, clue. Blue, gray, green and even hazelnut: so many different possibilities that it will not be the color of the iris that will make us clearly recognize a summer woman.


Many blondes (even with copper reflections) among the summer women, but also ash brown (therefore a cold shade of brown).

Which undertone of Summer do you belong to?

Cold summer, soft summer or hot summer? Let’s analyze the 3 main ones together subgroups of the summer womanbased on the combinations of hair, eye and skin color.

Cold summer

The Summer Cool they have blue eyes, blond or ash brown hair and pink skin. As the name suggests, these three elements are all cool, and we find them all in supermodel-like beauty Bianca Baltithe iconic muse of Dolce & Gabbana.

What colors to wear if you are a Summer Cool

L’intensity from which this summer subgroup is characterized, it is possible to wear very different shades nonchalantly, both light and delicate and more intense and decisive. From tiffany green to raspberry, to mauve, to midnight blue, but also more typical colors of the winter woman, such as white and emerald green.

How to wear makeup if you are a Summer Cool

The perfect Summer Cool makeup palette is based on cold and delicate shades: let’s not forget that there is a beautiful pair of blue eyes to highlight! Pink and lavender, but also turquoise and blue on the eyes, cherry red on the lips. To avoid warm and too bright colors and shades, unsuitable to enhance the refined charm of this subgroup of summer.

Soft summer

Sienna Miller - Summer color blindnessPhoto: Ian West – LaPresse

A delicate and ton sur ton summer. Like the actress and it-girl Sienna Millerthe Summer Soft they have a soft and not cold allure, given by very low intensity and contrast, therefore by a substantial homogeneity between the colors of skin, hair and eyes. Soft summer women can in fact be both blond and ash brown, and have hazel eyes, green or gray (not blue), on light but not diaphanous skin. Not to be confused with spring!

What colors to wear if you are a Summer Soft

Softness calls for softness: soft colors are the most suitable for this subgroup, drawing for example from green and gray, sand and dove gray, but also both gold and silver.

How to wear makeup if you are a Summer Soft

Totally nude: the most suitable color palette for Summer Soft makeup is delicate, with colorful but not brilliant incursions. Yes, cold browns, military green, gray, to be dosed and calibrated with a nuanced make-up, never too clean.

Light summer

Reese Witherspoon - summer color blindness

Photo: buzzfuss – 123RF

This cool undertone of the summer woman stands out for its low intensity and contrast. Blond or otherwise light hair and eyebrows, very light cold complexion often pink, gray and blue eyes with cold shades: a clear mix that results in a high value. The Summer Light they are not very frequent in Italy, where Mediterranean phototypes prevail. This summer undertone is embodied, for example, by the Oscar-winning actress Reese Witherspoon.

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What colors to wear if you are a Summer Light

The ethereal charm of the Summer Light is characterized by having the lightest shades of the summer season, and must be enhanced with the same delicacy. However, this diktat is not a limit, because in fact the clear summer woman can draw from palette pastel shades, then light and cold colors. Aquamarine, wisteria, rose …

How to wear makeup if you are a Summer Light

Light green for neutral-cold shades, also very good nude makeup, by far the most suitable for Summer Light. Red should be avoided, including cold reds: the risk is to overturn the discreet charm of this summer undertone.

Do you still have doubts if summer is your armochromatic season or not, or on the undertone to which you belong? Take our color blindness test now and consider getting a professional evaluation of thechromatic analysis.

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