“Armored seat for you and two others.” The secret revealed: Di Maio’s fury hits Letta

Luigi Di Maio had already accepted Enrico Letta’s offer for the external candidacy in the list of the Democratic Party, sending the Civic Commitment project to the air.

But he had set a condition: the news had to be made public 48 hours before the presentation of the lists. So as not to allow time for his parliamentarians to vent fears and discontent. The foreign minister wanted to take his troops against time and say yes to the offer of three armored posts on the dem list. That “pact” between Di Maio and Letta included the right to stand in the dem lists also for two other loyalists: Vincenzo Spadafora and Laura Castelli. Three armored seats to unlock the negotiation between the Democratic Party and Carlo Calenda. With all due respect to the 50 parliamentarians who left the M5S a month ago to follow the foreign minister in the split. A scheme already defined in detail. Which, however, was to remain secret until August 18.

The agreement was blown up by Calenda and Letta who on Tuesday, at the end of the meeting that sanctioned the agreement between the Democratic Party and Action, fed the journalists, 20 days in advance, the news of the inclusion of Di Maio in the dem lists. To tell the newspaper the background is a loyal foreign minister who retraces the excited hours of Tuesday.

The meeting between Letta and Calenda has just ended, with the announcement of the agreement that includes the right to stand for Di Maio, Fratoianni and Bonelli, when the furious foreign minister telephones the secretary of the Democratic Party to vent all his disappointment : «So you unleash me against the parliamentarians. I can’t take 20 days, I pass like the traitor. I can not accept”.

Di Maio is a “beast” of rage. She fears that Letta and Calenda have tripped him, giving the press the news about the right to stand, exposing him to friendly fire. Which arrives on time. The secretary of the Democratic Party tries to appease the foreign minister’s anger. In the late afternoon the two will meet at the Farnesina to find a way out. Which in fact does not exist. There are not many alternatives. Either Di Maio accepts the right to stand (throwing Civic Commitment overboard) or tries the race with his list, which the polls do not give more than 1%. There would therefore have been an agreement between Letta and Di Maio to reveal the option of the right to stand only two days before the deadline for the presentation of the lists. It was the way out studied by the Foreign Minister to free himself from the trap of the Civic Commitment list and save the armchairs of Laura Castelli, Vincenzo Spadafora and her.

And even on the armored posts to be given to the dimaiani, an arm wrestling is underway. Di Maio would like another one for Emilio Carelli. At the moment the wall rises from the Democratic Party. Because in the “Di Maio share” there is also Bruno Tabacci, inspirer of the Civic Commitment list. For the dem it would be a bloodbath. And therefore Carelli would remain out. No right to stand for the journalist, who is reported to be among the most aggressive against the foreign minister in the last hours.

Di Maio and Letta met yesterday to find a point of fall. It deals with. The minister canceled participation in the regional party of the Democratic Party of Emilia-Romagna in Villalunga di Casalgrande. Yesterday morning he brought together the parliamentary groups, keeping the point with the Democratic Party: «Dignity and mutual respect are needed. In my opinion, the coalition must be as broad as possible to be competitive and stop extremism. In the next few hours we need to understand where this coalition wants to go and what coalition it wants to build. But one thing is certain: the political forces of a coalition cannot be differentiated into Serie A and Serie B parties ”, the minister would have reiterated. Small detail: until Tuesday he was in agreement with Letta on everything. Seats, alliances and right of the grandstand.

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