Arnold Schwarzenegger detained at airport for hours for not declaring watch

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American actor Arnold Schwarzenegger was detained in prison for several hours on Wednesday, January 17. Munich Airport, Germanybecause a watch was missing from the customs declaration.

According to German customs regulations, the former governor of California did not declare that he was carrying a watch for saleso you can continue your trip but the object will remain in Munich.

German authorities have decided to take action against the famous criminal proceedingsbecause Schwarzenegger Must declare income from watches and pay liens Valuable objects Who will stay in the EU.

According to the German “Bild” report hollywood actor on purpose auction itemsat a dinner next Thursday at the Kitzbühel ski resort.

Several works of art and valuables will be auctioned on Thursday for Raise funds for climate projects Driven by movie stars.

In Germany, they launched tax proceedings against Arnold Schwarzenegger.

How was Arnold Schwarzenegger released?

actor Arnold Schwarzenegger He was detained for three hours, during which authorities asked him a series of questions about his family, assets and property. Bank Account.

In addition, the actor has to pay 35,000 euros, which is 655,000 pesosfor importing watches for sale purposes and paid a fine of 5,000 euros and 93,000 pesos.

All of the money had to be paid by credit card, but the manager told him that at least 50% had to be in cash.

The celebrity had to go to a bank accompanied by local officials to withdraw the funds needed to repay the debt, after which he was released.

Watch worn by Arnold Schwarzenegger Entering Germany is one of the Swiss luxury brand Audemars PiguetThe company only produces 45,000 watches a year, and the one he’s wearing was specially designed for the actor’s personal collection.

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