arrested a 24 year old with alcohol beyond the limits

The tragedy took place during the night in Pinarella di Cervia. The young woman who was driving the Mercedes arrested: alcohol level double compared to the limit

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A car accident that took place on the night between 5 and 6 August cost the lives of three people. To cause the accident, according to the reconstruction of the police, a 24 year old with a blood alcohol level well beyond the limit allowed by law. The crash occurred in Pinarella di Cervia, in the province of Ravenna, in via Bollana at the intersection with via Garaffona.

Accident in Ravenna, the 24 driving the Mercedes was arrested

Three vehicles involved: a Fiat Panda, one Mercedes A class and a large-displacement scooter. Two women who were aboard the Panda died instantly while a third woman is hospitalized, in serious condition, at the Bufalini hospital in Cesena.

The third victim is a man who was driving the scooter. On the other hand, the two girls, aged 24 and 25, both from the province of Brescia, who were on board the Mercedes, did not suffer serious injuries.

Clash caused by Mercedes: rebuilding in progress

According to the first reconstructions of the police, the accident would have been caused by the Mercedes. The investigations on the 24-year-old who was behind the wheel of the car revealed a double alcohol level than the limit allowed by law.

For this reason the prosecutor on duty, Cristina D’Anielloordered the arrest of the young woman on charges of multiple road homicide and road injuries aggravated by the state of intoxication.

Who are the three victims of the Pinarella accident

The girl is on guard at the Cesena hospital, where she is hospitalized. In the accident, a 39-year-old from Forlì, who was riding a scooter, a 52-year-old from the province of Ravenna and a 62-year-old from Gambettola (Cesena) that were on the Fiat Panda. A 90-day prognosis, however, for the third woman (a 55-year-old) who was in the same car.


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