Arsenal-Tottenham: Partey, Jesus, Xhaka and Kane scored

The Gunners fold Tottenham with Partey, Gabriel Jesus and Xhaka. The usual Kane can’t shake his

Arsenal are a cannon shot. The Gunners beat Tottenham 3-1 in the North London derby and take the seventh victory in 8 games, reaching the top with 21 points.

Arteta’s team dominates, much better organized than Conte’s, who loses for the first time this season, also showing some construction defects. That of the Gunners, on the other hand, is a team victory, of a group that continues to grow and that, with that prestigious success that has been missed up to now, is confirmed as great. What Tottenham doesn’t seem to be yet.


Arsenal dominated. Aggressive from the start, she never allowed Conte’s team to play his way, except in the last 15 minutes of the first half. When Partey put it 1-0 after 20 minutes, the game seemed to be scored. The reaction of Tottenham, with the penalty of Kane (first in the history of the Premier with 100 goals away from home), reopened it, but in the second half the Gunners showed that they were ahead, with Jesus ‘robbery goal after 4’ and the expulsion of Royal shortly after: two knockout blows for the Spurs. The Gunners with this success remove any doubts about their real value: they are a racing team, with everything it takes to be great even beyond a simple place in the top 4. Tottenham loses the unbeaten run (the points in the standings are always 17) and a little of the credit she had built up: because she was never in the game, showing only for 15 ‘that determination that had allowed her to arrive unbeaten at the belay. Kulusevski’s absence was heavy because he removed Conte’s offensive options, but the team didn’t shoot: Kane too alone in attack, the defense too uncertain (including Lloris, strangely) not to blame the enormous offensive potential of the team. Arsenal. Jesus (the best) and Zinchenko have confirmed that they are once again the secret ingredients of the growth of Arteta’s team: their experience, personality and habit of big games is the anchor to which their teammates cling in the rare difficult moments and urge to be better. And Arsenal, thanks above all to them, plays with that confidence that Tottenham still does not have.


Arsenal dominated at the start but realized their clear supremacy only at 20 ‘, when Partey unlocked with an unstoppable right from the edge. The goal conceded wakes Tottenham, who find the equal in the 31 ‘with Kane on a penalty, granted for a foul by Gabriel on Richarlison. The game becomes more lively, but the recovery starts again from 1-1 and with Arsenal pressing. The goal this time came immediately: Jesus signed it in the 49th minute, taking advantage of a mess of Lloris and Romero. Things for Tottenham are further complicated in the 62nd minute, when Emerson takes a direct red for a bad foul on Martinelli. Before Conte manages to fix his Spurs, Xhaka scores 3-1 in the 67th minute with a nice left from inside the area. It is the blow of the knockout, because Tottenham are too shaken to react and Arsenal is enough to have given a signal of how strong they are.

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