sheds light on the secrets of Auto-Tune in a free docu-series

Documentary web series released today auto tune d’ recaps and illustrates the importance of this tool used by Cher, Daft Punk and Kanye West. Here’s what he has in store for us.

Auto-Tune’s influence is illustrated by the diversity of the guests: from rappers like Soprano, Medine and Yusufah, to artists closer to the electronic vein like Joanna and Techie Latex… but also important figures like Caroline Molko, former president of Warner Chappell. Musician and music journalist Mehdi Mazi… and even Andy Hilderband, the creator of Auto-Tune!

The webseries consists of 6 episodes of approximately 8 to 10 minutes each, and discusses the origins of Auto-Tune (logic), its effects, positives and negatives, and other similar tools: talk-boxes and vocoders in leaders. auto tune Profoundly shows an influence that has changed everything in the music industry, that has conquered music in all imaginable genres: mainly in rap and hip-hop, but also in dance, rock and even rye. Too.

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And the evidence attests to why it’s been democratized so quickly and widely, but also why it’s so controversial and rejected: the many protests by Jay-Z, among many others, against this devil’s software. Has happened.

It has also created upheavals: a notable example being when Auto-Tune began to replace female vocalists’ voices on rap and R&B choruses when rappers could manage on their own… a double-edged sword. : musical creation becomes accessible to all, but at the cost of a certain “authenticity”.

But if you still want to expand your knowledge about this wacky tool, you can also watch the second episode of the documentary series it’s pop Available On Netflix, focused on the subject, with a very relevant guest-star. The T‑Pen itself, which explains in detail the use of Auto-Tune, and what it means. Because let’s not forget that T-Pain is the master of this genre, having created the “T-Pain Effect” and expediting the use of Auto-Tune.

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