Artificial intelligence and medicine: the University’s Imaging-Laboratory goes international

The ImagingLab research laboratory of the University of Pisa has joined the Z-Inspection international community for reliable artificial intelligence (AI). The goal is to explore the ethical implications of AI in diagnostic imaging, where the use of ‘intelligent machines’ has immediate repercussions on the diagnostic process and therefore on patients. “Artificial intelligence applied to diagnostic images is a topic of great scientific and clinical-practical interest, but also ethical” explains Emanuele Neri, full professor of Radiology at the Translational Research Department and director of the laboratory of which professors and researchers of the Pisan Athenaeum.

“Can we trust the AI ​​when it is used for a diagnosis? – continues Neri – And who is responsible for the diagnosis, the computer or the doctor? Can AI alter the diagnostic information and lead the doctor into error? questions that Z-Inspection wants to answer by analyzing the many applications of AI in medicine “. Z-Inspection is an international community to which research laboratories from all over the world adhere, complying with the guidelines of the ‘High-level expert group on AI’ of the European Community, which aims to explain the processes underlying AI and make it explainable to the doctor and patient.

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