Artificial intelligence improves animal welfare and goat milk quality

DMC, Cicap and Boalvet AI, led by Dcoop, have taken the first step towards improving goat milk operations with a group titled “Development of artificial intelligence tools to monitor the use of naturally derived therapeutic alternatives to optimize Andalusian goat milk” Article Manufacturing (Document: GOPG-MA-23-0002), Health4Goat.

The main objectives of GO Health4Goat include the development of a computer tool (reinforcement learning algorithm) that can objectively recommend the application of phytotherapeutics to improve animal welfare, productivity and milk quality, thereby reducing the use of antimicrobials on Andaluca dairy goat farms .

The specific goals are as follows:

1) Collect and analyze official milk control data on dairy goat farms to assess their evolution in terms of production value, milk quality and animal welfare.

2) Research into new combinations of plants or plant extracts to improve animal health, improve gut health (microbiome) and reduce environmental impact on dairy goat farms.

3) Study the presence of antimicrobial resistance and bacterial populations in the dairy industry and their possible relationship with the use of therapeutic alternatives. Collect information on protein feeding efficiency according to diet.

4) Develop reinforcement learning-based artificial intelligence algorithms through automated capture of milk quality data and environmental sensors to issue specific recommendations for incorporating medicinal plant extracts into the diet.

Malagaia raises goats in the milking position.

The Andalusian operating group is formed by a consortium of Andalusian companies and research centers led by the primary agricultural cooperative Dcoop, the world’s largest olive oil producer and one of the main players in the national dairy goat industry.

Also involved are Boalvet AI, a technology company dedicated to creating and providing computer services for the agri-food sector, Cicap, the Technical Center of Córdoba, and DMC Research Center SL, whose R&D priority is the study of new activities derived from agri-food Element. Natural products of plant or microbial origin are sourced with bacterial capabilities, and through this operational group they intend to optimize their animal nutritional content, particularly that found in goat’s milk. DMC Research will serve as technical coordinator for the project.

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