Artists are fed up with throwing phones on stage

For a month now, fans have not hesitated to throw objects at the singers when they perform. Recently, phone calls have started raining on the platform, with some artists not hesitating to express their dissatisfaction.

The music industry has seen many changes over the years, but recent fan behavior has left artistes shocked and saddened. It’s about the disturbing trend of some fans throwing their cellphones on stage at concerts. This practice of throwing objects in the middle of a show is not new, as in the previous century stars such as Elvis Presley or the Beatles received bras and panties from their rabid fans.

phone rain

After several undisclosed items, the smartphone has now been launched on the platform. They fly to the feet of the performers, sometimes in the dozens. Some didn’t hesitate to speak up on Instagram, like singer Luidzi, who said in a story: “The next one I get I keep. ,

A video has gone viral. On the Ardentes stage, the ex-Columbine group member receives calls from both sides of the public. If Luzipka likes to laugh at it, these antics are no less dangerous.

a dangerous event

Harry Styles, Drake or even Pink received various and varied items. Incidents involving fans and artists are on the rise. Epitomizing this trend, Bebe Rexha’s injury, which was caused by a phone thrown by a fan. The singer also got stitches.

Faced with this, Adele, at the start of her concert, asked her fans not to throw anything at her. “Have you noticed that these days people forget all the annoying gig-related justifications. Try throwing something at me and I’ll kill you,” says the singer.

“These are often collective behaviors that foster a sense of belonging to a community of fans and allow them to express their fan identity”, lecturer Lucy Bennett at Cardiff University told BFM TV.

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