Artur Boruc published an eloquent entry after the defeat of Legia Warszawa. “See you later”

Takes the fatal series of Legia Warsaw. In the last round of Ekstraklasa succumbed to Górnik Zabrze 2-3. Thus, she equaled the infamous record of ten defeats during the season, of which seven in a row. We wrote more about it here.

Currently, the Legionnaires are occupying penultimate position in the table. It is true that they have two overdue games to play, but still the situation is not very optimistic. So much so that another change in the chair of the club’s coach from the capital cannot be ruled out. After being released Czesław Michniewicz he took over coaching duties Marek Gołębiewski. The current coach of the team from Łazienkowska he himself does not know if he will remain in the post. “Please ask activists about it” – he referred to the topic during the post-match press conference.

Before the duel with Górnik, the media spread the news that poured some hope into the hearts of Legia fans. About two weeks ago, after a break due to a back injury, Artur Boruc returned to training. It was speculated that he might appear in the match in Zabrze. Eventually, it was not him who stood between the posts Cezary Misztawhich does not receive very favorable reviews after the meeting.

After the defeat of the Varsovians Boruc took the floor. His entry is laconic but very meaningful. So much so that it is read in different ways.

In the comments requests sprang up, in some cases even a plea, to the bouncer. Some of the words of Internet users sound quite dramatic. “Come back to this Legion, otherwise they’ll be kicking around in the circle”, “Come back to the game, before the only thing left for us is to get ready for games in the 1st league”, “Arthur make a storm there, go back to the goal and let’s finally start win something “,” King, come back “,” Arthur, help “,” Arthur come back. It is impossible to look at what is happening. Without you on the pitch, Legia stopped playing and achieved good results “,” Legendo, help “, “Arthur come back and set them upright”, “Please, come back, help, the heart is breaking, don’t leave us”, “Help, Artur” – they write.

Some fans read Boruc’s entry as the final announcement of the return to the field. Others, on the contrary, see it as a prelude Arthur’s farewell to Legia. They point to the fact that the footballer ends his contract with the Warsaw club after the season and speculate that it will not be extended, and the goalkeeper will travel with his family to the United States. So far, the person concerned has not addressed the rumors and assumptions.


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