As a minor, Podolski gave a leaf to Ballack. Should he care about the fans ‘or journalists’ chatter?

As a minor, Lukas Podolski was able to slap Michael Ballack, then perhaps the captain of the German squad. “Poldi” in dance do not fuck … .. Do you think that he cares about some Internet entries or the words of journalists? – asks Sławomir Peszko, privately a friend of “Poldi”. The footballer of the Wieczysta Kraków, in his new column from the series “Hundred with Peszkin”, reveals a lot of interesting facts about the star of Górnik Zabrze. He also talks about his plans for business in Poland, and himself refers to the confusion about his own words about Legia Warsaw. It’s hot!

I saw that smoke was made after Lukas Podolski’s Twitter entry, with whom I am friends. Let’s start with the fact that it was Legia’s fans who hooked him up on Facebook. And that he answered them? A lot of people said that it was impossible for him to publish something like that, and it was certainly the work of the person running his profile. But “Poldi” likes to use Twitter himself and writes there himself. I’ve known him long enough that I know that you don’t fuck in dance …. He just says and writes what he thinks. Just as he is sometimes pugnacious on the pitch, he also happens to be aggressive in the media.

It was also hot after the conflict with editor Marciniak in “League + Extra”. That Podolski is rude, that he was carried away. No no. We should remember that “Poldi” did not attack people or fans, but answered the journalist’s suggestions. A journalist who sees a big ball mainly on TV, and this is how Ekstraklasa deals with. And Lukas was everywhere. And not in front of the screen, but on the pitch. He has played for Bayern, Arsenal, Inter, Turkey and Japan, not only Koeln.

Anyway, let me quote one anecdote here. Who, as a minor, playing for the German national team, was able to slap Michael Ballack, then probably the captain of the German national team? Just “Poldi”. Do you think he cares about a few fans’ entries on the Internet or the words of journalists?


But okay, a bit about the ball itself. Podolski played a very good match with Legia, and so did the whole Górnik. Remember that he does not play in Zabrze to gain any personal gain. He doesn’t pay so much attention to whether he will score two, five or ten goals a season. He plays to make sure there are evenings like the last one. That people would come and watch their beloved team outperform such a rival as Legia in style. And that “Poldi” made a contribution to it, so much the better.

Everyone knows that Lukas is not playing here in order to promote himself anywhere or move on to conquer foreign leagues, looking for a luxury contract. He makes dreams come true here, he makes the dreams of fans in Zabrze come true. Of course, the beginning was a bit tough. He collided with the Polish league, with Polish reality. A good player is not easy to play here. It was visible in “Poldi”. But the better he is physically fit, the greater the benefit for the team. Football quality can be seen in every pass or stroke.

People criticized him for coming in and not firing anything, and he rarely plays at all. Did Podolski care? Let me put it this way: Lukas doesn’t take such things personally.

Besides, rejecting the sports field, Górnik won a lot with this transfer. This is a mega marketing move. It has been written about it in Germany, Turkey and Japan. After all, “Poldi” is a global brand. Sure, journalists mostly verify him by what he does on the pitch, but I know the team is the most important to him. Club. He sets aside his ambitions and private goals, such as goals or assists.

“Poldi” does not play to the public. When he says that he came here not only for the game itself, but also wants to take Górnik as a whole to a higher level, incl. by supporting the building of the academy, that’s what it is. He dreams of this academy. Maybe he would like to do something similar to what he opened in Germany. Children’s playgrounds, sports camps for children. A stamp on the development of the ball, the development of all those boys who dream of a great career. I won’t be surprised if he went the same way here, although I don’t know the details.

Despite the fact that there are financial obstacles in Zabrze, also to attract even better players, thanks to which the team could have better results, matches such as with Legia show that it has potential. See for yourself. The coach let 15-year-old Stalmach into the fight, the decisive goal was scored by young Kubica, Jimenez is great at the front, he is “Poldi”. People have a lot to come and cheer for.

“Poldi” also implements non-sport ideas. He’s also a businessman, after all. As far as I know, his ice cream will be available for sale in several retail chains in Poland next year. He is still considering opening a kebab. After all, it’s not as popular as in Germany, but nothing can be ruled out. Although in Poland, the sacramental question is probably less than before after the party whether we are going for a kebab.


A word about Legia, because there was a lot of buzz after my words for “Interia” (more HERE). I gave the example of the exile of Igor Charatin or Yuri Ribeiro to the reserves. But it’s not even strictly about removing someone from the first team. There you just need to hit the table with your fist. Any drastic move. Serious, specific action, not just entering the locker room and throwing clichés that the jokes are over and you need to get down to business. So many defeats in a row is no joke, although I still do not believe that Legia could fall from the league. But they have to be careful in Warsaw, because in the Bundesliga, Schalke fans did not believe in the inheritance for a long time. And how did it end?

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