“As if an army entered the Vatican, in a few days …” – Libero Quotidiano

Vladimir Putin in the next few days will have to decide. “Guest of Half past eight in the episode of Wednesday 9 March, Lucio Caracciolo explains that the Russian president is at a crossroads. “Now – he tells a Lilli Gruber on La7 – must decide whether to cease hostilities or enter cities. Entering Kiev would be sacrilege, given that it is the cradle of Russia. It would be as if an army of crusaders entered the Vatican “.

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For the political scientist, such a choice would be detrimental to the Tsar’s propaganda: “How do you then explain it to the Russians who enter Kiev?” Is the question he asks. And again: “There would be losses and massacres of civilians”. It is no coincidence that for Caracciolo the Russians remain far from the cities. “Their goal is to scaremore than the Ukrainians, the Americans “.

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But, if things were to end in the worst way, NATO will hardly be able to remain idle for the political scientist: “At that point he can no longer just say ‘we give you weapons’“In short, for the journalist it is not taken for granted that the president will take a step back, just as it is not obvious that NATO will renounce tests of strength to defend the Ukrainians.

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