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After you’ve seen what you’ve seen in ‘Spider-Man 4’, you’ll surely be very sad. This is a great story that many fans hope for the franchise of ‘Spider-Man’ by Sam Raimi.

The trilogy Spiderman by Sam Raimi from the beginnings of the decade of 2000, starred by Tobey Maguire as the actor and Kirsten Dunst as Mary Jane, will always be recorded by Marvel fans. Many fans will be surprised to see the notice that Maguire will be replaced by Andrew Garfield in the paper of El hombre araña and that the story tends to be a story that is completely broken by Raimi.

Lo que pocos conocen es que la franquicia de Spiderman This is the point of holding a quarter of a contract, without embargo, at the end it is the decision not to continue with the project. To believe that never sabrían that was on the planes by Maguire and Dunst, a book titled “Movies Go Fourth” revealed the history of the film and that it could be found in the quarter directed by Raimi.

Between the many stories that the film did not realize, one of them affirmed that the rules of the game had changed with Spider-Man 4. In the book “Movies Go Fourth”, the graphic artist, Jeffrey Henderson revealed that it was predicted that the film’s character would be released by the one that Raimi was accredited to. Ben Kingsley so that Tomara el papel. In the end, the actor saw all Buitre see John Malkovich.

In the story, El Buitre tends to have a story that also neglected an important paper that had its interpretation by Kate Beckinsale or Anne Hathaway, the actresses who were mentioned as the first contenders of the personaje. Therefore, Raimi hoped that Angelina Jolie would also form part of the company for an unconceived persona. A scene describes that when the cancellation of the film is much more painful, it also happens that a reunion of villains like Shocker, Prowler, Stilt-Man and Rhino occurs.

Spider-Man 4 Habría camenzado con la historia del Buitre como soldado que es enviado a prisión por crímenes en los sólo habría sido un chivo expiatorio. Now, Peter enjoys his life as Spider-Man and it’s always there for the first time. However, the car cannot be permanently enjaulado for much time, but it escapes from the car and it becomes a landing gear that Spider-Man must hold. The second half of the film has long and short scenes with an unexpected finale in which Raimi finally gets rid of Spider-Man.

Algunos elements of Spider-Man 4 later returned to the films Spiderman que siguieron. El Buitre passed as the antagonist in the first change of Tom Holland as a hero in Spider-Man: From regression to home, with a costume that featured John Malkovich. The story comes from the villa in the first film of the French film starring Andrew Garfield. The Incredible Spider-Man. For the longest time, you can see the opportunity to see Maguire take the journey again in Spider-Man: Sin camino a casa.

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