“As long as mathematics does not condemn us we must believe it”

The coach presents the decisive challenge against Maccabi: “We have zero points after two games, it means having to win. But without haste or anxiety”

After the defeats against PSG and Benfica, the Juventus beat the Maccabi Haifa to continue dreaming of a difficult qualification for the knockout stages of the Champions League. “We have zero points after two races, it means having to win. But we don’t have to be in a hurry or anxious,” he said Merry Until the math condemns us we have to believe it. Meanwhile, tomorrow we will put a brick. “On Chiesa:” I hope to have it as soon as possible, we will evaluate it day after day. We will organize a friendly match for him which will be the definitive test to make him available “.

What Juve will we see tomorrow night?

“Surely there will be some changes and I have to decide who to play with the three returning players. Now I have the possibility to rotate the players within the game.”

Do you have clear ideas about the defensive line?
“I have to decide on the formation, because some defenders will stay out and I have to decide in midfield. It is not so much defense at 3 or 4, the important thing is that the team improves. We have to follow up on Sunday’s test.”

What keys is he tapping on to reload the team?
“In moments of difficulty you have to play a normal game, more as a team. I asked no one to win games alone. This has been done, hurry and anxiety lead you to make mistakes.”

Is Maccabi the optimal team to get back on top?
“We have zero points after two games, it means having to win. But we don’t have to be in a hurry or anxious, we don’t have to overdo it like with Bologna. Champions you have to start from a victory. In these moments, hurry and anxiety lead you to make mistakes. “

Milik’s conditions.
“He is tired, tomorrow he will be on the bench with the hope that he will not have to take the field”.

Will Yom Kippur affect the match?
“No, absolutely not. Maccabi has a valuable squad, at home with Paris up to 70 ‘they were 1-1, they are well organized, they run, they press across the board. We will have to perform at an excellent level, as a team, knowing that we will have favorable situations but it will not be as simple as expected. We need respect for Maccabi “.

Will the race be on Benfica or PSG?
“In football you never know, we work on ourselves. If we don’t beat Maccabi, we don’t need to. Then we have the championship, now one thing at a time. One thing is the same for everyone. Champions because after two matches we have zero points. I don’t know if it will be the most important, maybe it will be in a month or six months … Tomorrow it is because it is the closest. “

The Juventus coach closes the conference with a thought for Gonzalo Higuain, who yesterday announced his retirement at the end of the season

Will McKennie still play on the right?
“He started from the right but often swapped with Danilo on the wing. Tomorrow we will see but I don’t know if he plays, it depends on the choices in the middle of the pitch.”

You have never been eliminated before the first knockout round of the Champions League.
“My teams have never played so badly but in the first year we risked at home against Olympiakos. Until the math condemns us we have to believe it. Tomorrow in the meantime, let’s put a brick in place.”

How’s Di Maria?
“Angel is much better physically too, he has had the opportunity to train more. Post Sassuolo has skipped a few training sessions, he played for a while in Florence but he was not in condition and he lost it. Now he is fine, the leg is fine. Better, tomorrow he will have an excellent game. He and Vlahovic together in the two? It is not a question of second striker, if Angel plays maybe we will play in a different way. I will field players with different characteristics. “

Chiesa is back in the group. When will we see him again?
“The important thing is that everything goes as it should go. He comes back after nine months, always training alone is hard. layout”.

Can Paredes and Di Maria help with their experience?
“Certainly, without a doubt.”

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