as we conclude the story of each character?


The fourth (and last) season of Thirteen he recently made his debut on Netflix and concluded, officially, a path that began in 2017.
But what happened exactly to the protagonists of the series? As it ended their story? Here are the answers to these questions.

Clay (Dylan Minette)

Clay leaves the Liberty High School to go to Brown. And this is thanks to the indispensable help of Ani (Grace Sif), who wrote the essay for the admission to the place.
The Clay can then start a new life, and Providence has already been scheduled a meeting for a coffee with someone named Heidi.

Justin (Brandon Flynn)

Sad fate for Justin. HIV positive, dies in the hospital because of a lack of useful therapies to contain the advance of AIDS. In the last episode, Clay and his parents are in the hospital, at the bedside of the unfortunate boy.

Jessica (Alisha Boe)

Thanks to a rate of admission particularly successful, as it is taken at U. C. Berkeley. She is ready to start a new life.

Zach (Ross Butler)

Was contacted by the Liberty High School, who would like to coach football, but decides to reject the offer. In the future Zach, there is another, a school of music.

Alex (Miles Heizer)

He is named Prom King, and is teamed with Charlie (Tyler Barnhardt). Alex will go on to study at Berkeley. Tyler (Devin Druid) will be attending the same university and it seems that the two are already planning to return together in your car at Liberty High for some football game.

Tony (Christian Navarro)

Leaves his shop to Caleb, because in the future there is the university of Nevada, where you can take advantage of his skill by boxer.
The series ends just with Tony and Clay, ready to turn the page and leave behind everything that has happened.

Thirteen (in the original 13 Reasons Why) is taken from the novel of Jay Asher. Among the manufacturers figure Selena Gomezwhile some of the episodes are directed by Tom McCarthy (winner of the Oscar for the Best Film in 2016 with Spotlight) and Gregg Araki (Doom Generation).

At the center of the first season, there is the enigma of Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford), a teenager who takes his own life for unknown reasons. The reasons for his gesture, however, are all contained in the thirteen tapes, which Hannah leave a legacy for the people considered responsible for the tragic choice, his school fellows: each of them must listen to all thirteen tapes, and then pass it on to the next. Among them there is also Clay Jensen (Dylan Minnette), the protagonist of the story, a friend of Hannah he felt for her a secret love. The showrunner are Brian Yorkey (Pulitzer prize for the musical Next to Normaland Diana Son (Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Southland, American Crime).

The cast

The cast of Thirteen also includes Brandon Flynn (Justin), Christian Navarro (Tony), Alisha Boe (Jessica), Michelle Selene Ang (Courtney), Justin Prentice (Bryce), Devin Druid (Tyler), Miles Heizer (Alex), Ross Butler (Zach), Kate Walsh (Mrs. Baker), Derek Luke (Mr. Porter), Brian D’arcy James (Andy Baker) and Amy Hargreaves (Mrs. Jensen). In the second season have been added Kelli O’hara (Jackiea lawyer for victims of bullying), Ben Lawson (Rick, baseball coach high school Liberty High), Anne Winters (Chloethe new head of the cheerleader), Bryce Cass (Cyrusone student problematic), Chelsea Alden (Mackenziethe sister of Cyruswith an artistic temperament), Samantha Logan (Ninaa star of the race) and Allison Miller (Sonjaa young and ambitious lawyer).

Source: EW

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