Ashley Park, the elegant high ponytail with light brown shatush

Full-fledged style laboratory, the set of Emily in Paris 3 has suggested outfits that have already become must-haves for winter 2023 and also in terms of make-up and hairstyle, the series set under the Eiffel Tower hasn’t left us short of ideas. If Lily Collins’ beauty tricks are the perfect inspo for those who dreamed of a Parisian look, like her maxi and full fringe, ideal for framing the face and versatile even with the most minimal cuts, Mindy’s hairstyles aka Ashley Park they are no less, like the high and wavy tail which he showed on Instagram.

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Gritty and in a high version, the ponytail is the versatile idea for all outfits

The elegant high ponytail is a hairstyle much loved by colleague of Lily Collins who chose it as a hair look on several occasions. Combined with one light brown shatush that illuminates the face and gives even more movement to the hair, this hairstyle proves to be a great style ally and a perfect alternative to loose hair. A’hairstyle for long wavy hair which also reflects the character of Mindy, creative and gritty, always ready to take a little seriously and with the most eccentric looks. In fact, the actress chose the high ponytail with waves in hair to give a cheeky touch to a very sophisticated outfit, characterized by a black mini dress and very high latex boots.

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How to replicate the high and wavy ponytail for a perfect carefree look

How many times do you think of a harvest to revive your hair, but the time available is not enough? Especially for i wavy hairthe high ponytail it’s a winning solution because in just a few steps it allows you to enhance even the simplest outfit, making your image elegant and chic, especially with the help of the right make-up. Replicating this hairstyle is not difficult: if you have smooth hair you will have to proceed first with a wavy fold, using a specific straightener to create waves in hair or with soft curlers. Immediately afterwards it is advisable to use a brush and work the ponytail in two different moments: fixing a first strand at the nape of the neck and the other halfway up the head. Only later can the two parts be joined into a single tail and arrange any unruly tufts, with the help of clips and a comb. For fix the hairstyle you can then use lacquers and light sprays that guarantee perfect hold and even more volume.


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