Ashton Kutcher ridiculed on live TV, “Take a shower!”

The aftermath of his revelations on personal care.

American football fans ridiculed Ashton Kutcher during his Saturday performance on “College Game Day” on ESPN. During the live recording, you could hear the chant, “Take a shower.” This is the aftermath of his statements about personal hygiene with which the actor and his wife Mila Kunis, as well as children, are clearly at odds.

Kunis and Kutcher about their children, “We wash them when you can see dirt on them”

The actor took part in a live recording of sports games. After hearing 43-year-old Kutcher originally predicting the Colorado Buffaloes would defeat Texas A&M Aggies, the crowd started screaming loudly. The hum quickly turned into a song that could be heard in the background of the recording of the program.


The cheers were for Kutcher and his wife Mila Kunis, who said some time ago that they only bathed their children when “they see dirt on them.” Ashton Kutcher then confessed in an interview that “I wash my armpits and perineum every day and nothing else.”

The Rock joined the discussion on personal care. What’s going on in this world?

Fortunately, Ashton Kutcher didn’t seem too baffled and didn’t pay attention to the people chanting in the background. As you can see, people have a problem with his rather unusual approach to washing. What is your opinion on this?

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