Ashton Kutcher was supposed to go into space. Mila Kunis talked him out of it

Ashton Kutcher has sold his space ticket, which he had already purchased from Virgin Galactic. The actor admits that his wife, Mila Kunis, knocked the idea out of his head. However, he does not give up his dreams.

American actor in an interview with Cheddar News Ashton Kutcher admitted that he was supposed to go into space with billionaire Richard Branson. Ultimately, his wife, also actress Mila Kunis, spoke to him. She argued that as a husband and father, he should not take such risks.

Ultimately, my wife convinced me that it was not a good decision for the family to go into space when you have young children. I ended up giving my Virgin Galactic ticket back“said Kutcher.

He admitted, however, that he did not give up his dreams and did not exclude space travel “sometime in the future”.

The first tourist flight into space. Richard Branson aboard

The first tourist flight into space.  Richard Branson aboard

The first commercial trip into space was a success on Sunday, July 11. British businessman Richard Branson made the dream of his life come true and flew into space.

Virgin Galactic has one more test flight planned. It is to take passengers for the next ones.

As CNN writes, At the moment, over 600 people who signed up for such an adventure have decided to go on such an adventure. They are willing to pay anywhere from $ 200,000 to $ 250,000 for a ticket into spacebut their sale has yet to be opened.

Richard Branson, who flew to the edge of the Earth’s atmosphere on board the VSS Unity, recorded a message in space.

To all the children out there on Earth. I was a child myself once and dreamed of looking at the stars. Now I’m an adult in space. If we could do it, think about what you will be able to do in the future” – He said.

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