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Johnny Depp marks his regreso al cineafter her controversy over her ex-woman, Amber Heard, and three-year-old fans of the rod sets, with ‘Jeanne du Barry’, directed and co-protagonized by Maïwenn.

In the circle, we follow from our beginnings to the fact that the Countess of Barry, the conocida lover of Rey Luis

The film is arranged with a retrato. A young Jeanne posed with a beautiful rural landscape in the background. After a brief meal of childhood and youth, clearly marked by its physical and sexual attraction, we quickly take it to adulthood and its journey to the palace.

Asistimos así a los entresijos de la alta sociedad francesa del momento. So that in a comienzo parece ser casi a game for Jeanne, ended convirtiéndose en su vida and en engranaje en el que deberá encajar si quiere survivir.

jane du barry

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Marcando tendencia, generando polemicas, la favorita del rey nos muestra su vida en ‘Jeanne du Barry’, que llega hoy a los cinemas de España.

The film lost the controversy it was selected as the inaugural film of the final edition of the Cannes Film Festival, in which Johnny Depp took a bath to present his interpretation of the penultimate monarchy of the French coronation, which matured a year before the Revolución tuviera lugar y pasase por la guillotina sucessor y a large part of the nobility gala, including the protagonista de esta historia.

The main distribution is conformed by: Johnny Depp, Maïwenn (that gets into du Barry’s face), Benjamin Lavernhe, Diego Le Fur (interpretation of El Delfín, the successor of Luis XV), Pauline Pollmann (dandole life to Maria Antonieta), Melvil Poupaud, India Hair, Raphaël Quenard, Marianne Basler, Capucine Valmary, Marie Bokillon, Noémi Lvovsky y a largo etcetera that completes the figures of the court of Versalles.

jane du barry

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One of the most enigmatic characters is interpreted by Diego Le Fur: the Delfín of France and later Luis XVI.

At the length of the film, you can pronounce a word. Sin embargo, his presence resulted from vital importance for the supervision of Jeanne in the field. Con tan solo dos o tres interventions habladas, su acompañamiento es total. Su sentencia queda firme sobre allos que le rodean. In a palace full of stories, rumors and scandals, the silence of El Delfín manifested itself as a safe place for the protagonist.

If you are interested in the stories of times and them biopics‘Jeanne du Barry’ will be a perfect opportunity to be born in the last years of the French monarchy, through the eyes of a woman who has had her day.

‘Jeanne du Barry’ was released in cinemas on September 22.

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