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The Medicina del Pain clinic offers an online service to guarantee visits that cannot be carried out in person.

You can request a visit and subsequent therapy through a video call with simple commonly used applications for smartphones such as Whatsapp.

For patients unable to go to the clinics, it will be possible to carry out visits from their home with the head of the Medicina del Pain del PO of Pozzuoli clinic, dr. Federico Lucke, via video call with simple applications now present on all smartphones (Whatsapp, Zoom, etc.).

This will allow you to have a visit and subsequent therapy prescribed through the same channels. The clinic is open on Wednesday mornings from 9 to 18 and on Fridays from 9 to 13 except the last Friday of the month. You can access with a request for “Algological Examination” produced by the general practitioner according to the current procedures and by calling the CUP (081.8552128-081.8552806 from 9 to 13) to book or at the pharmacies and sending for information via WhatsApp to 334 116 1971 the photo of the referral itself.

The payment of any ticket can be made through the normal channels provided and also by bank transfer to the ASL Napoli 2 Nord (IBAN IT12 J0306940103100000300008) reporting the patient’s name and surname, Tax Code and the date of the visit, sending it as a copy or photos as part of the visit itself. The number to be made for the video call using the WhatsApp application is: 334 116 1971



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