‘Asteroid City’ or the world of Wes Anderson is spasmodically triggered

A film that has no particular axis and raises an incomprehensible poetics with various themes. Foto Prensa
It is a film that raises an incomprehensible poetics that does not have a specific axis and is sprinkled with various themes / Photo: Press

Temporarily located at 50’s american desert And in a setting that corresponds purely and exclusively to the particular world that Wes Anderson has created over the years, His latest work “Asteroid City” is released. The main character is not clear, but an overwhelming star group appears..

Films by directors from Texas that have entered the Official Division (Tenenbaum Ecstatic, Life Aquatic, Moonrise Kingdom, Isle of Dogs, French Chronicles). etc.) Counting the selections for the last Cannes Film Festival is not easy. poetic is indeed incomprehensible, no particular axis And pour water on various topics.

All things considered, a possible overview might initially indicate something like this: We have Bryan Cranston as the host. Shows what happens on screen.

The action soon begins to unfold as playwright Edward Norton unfolds a story that will (or will?) be televised. A story centered on Asteroid City, a town with a population of only 87 -Hotels, bars, gas stations, schools-, everywhere The observatory is run by an eccentric scientist (Tilda Swinton) And a military base that awards young geniuses every year.

Trailer of Anderson’s new movie Asteroid City

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And there, too, in that small, quaint town, a few kilometers away, on the road that crossed, a car full of thugs opened fire with patrolling police. Conduct a nuclear test using the corresponding fungusfar from its lethal force, seems to form part of the landscape without serious consequences.

In cinematic logic It is natural that aliens appearwhich Force the government to quarantine all residents of Asteolid CityAmong them are Steve Carell, a small hotel and bar owner, Maya Hawke, a teacher who does all she can for a group of smart preschoolers, and Bird, a road runner who passes by for no reason at all. . It doesn’t end in isolation, it keeps happening unexpectedly.

and of course Forced coexistence includes visitors: Father Jason Schwartzman, stranded in a car accident, refuses to tell his children the tragic news, but his father-in-law Tom Hanks, who is rich and has a gun at his waist, comes to the rescue. Her family; actress Scarlett Johansson, who also had an unintentional stay in town, takes the opportunity to rehearse lines for her upcoming play, and races with her family to win the military’s approval of a bizarre invention. A group of young “geeks”.

Bryan Cranston, Edward Norton, Tilda Swinton, Scarlett Johansson and more all have great performances Photo Press
Great performances by Bryan Cranston, Edward Norton, Tilda Swinton, Scarlett Johansson and more. / Photo: Press.

This Hollywood star exhibit has almost the same level of importance as a set representing a hotel, bar or small establishment. Place is a central element of Anderson’s assembly insofar as it allows for design, a model that is wholly artificial.unrealistic – many colors in pastels – are essential for filmmakers to include the little stories that make up the whole.

It’s just about that, Wholeness that conscientiously and completely arbitrarily explores artificial possibilities And even so, it plays with the idea of ​​how far audiences should go to participate in a game where the plausible is distorted and even the fantastic is blurred.

Each of the actors throws himself into a small role, animates, and is part of a precise, obsessive, maniacal apparatus that bears the name of cinema and is part of the artistic field called cinema. very close to visual performance There is the impression that he is striving to tell a story, but the only possible avenue seems to be a loose narrative, barely punctuated by successive illustrations.

Trailer for another Anderson hit, The Grand Budapest Hotel

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Compared to classic stories, the setting is transparent in its opacity. Therefore, this confrontational game strives for literal clarity, breaking down the fourth wall of its setting thinking down to obsession. Reveal to the audience that the universe was prepared for this occasionfor example, when a scene is seen or shown that the alien is nothing more than actor Jeff Goldblum in disguise.

All of this does not necessarily criticize the film, on the contrary, in the scenario where the titles appearing on commercial billboards are mostly lacking in originality. Asteroid City is highly praised for its risk-taking attitude and the author’s mark that Anderson prints throughout the film.

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