“£ asuch” is not yet in the top 10 of Netflix in Poland. But will be [POLECAMY]

“Łasuch” is an adaptation comic book Jeff Lemiere, published in 2009 by DC Comics. The producers are Robert Downey Jr. and his wife Susan Downey. And although the comic comes from the DC stable, and Downey Jr, during the promotion of the series, reduced the relationship with Marvel to zero in his social networks (he does not even follow the profiles of other “Avengers” anymore), while watching “The Foodie”, the actor’s fans may have the impression that Tony Stark jokes.

GourmandNetflix has betrayed the greatest hits. Half human and half deer at the head

On the one hand, a fairy tale, on the other – it’s hard not to find an analogy to the world we live in today

“Sweet Tooth” is a multi-threaded fairy tale, historywhich the omniscient narrator spins in a soft voice. The main character is Gus (Cristian Convery), a hybrid boy. As an infant, carried by his father deep into Yellowstone, he lives in isolation – from other hybrids, from humans, from the whole world that has turned upside down during that time. Outside, people tremble at the successive waves of a deadly epidemic, the military and overzealous neighborhood guards chase the sick, fires burn, shots fired, poachers hunt hybrids, and the entire United States. Nature took over the cities. When his father dies, Gus travels to Colorado in search of his mother, accompanied by the poacher Jep (Nonso Anonzie).

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“Gourmand” [ZWIASTUN]

On the one hand, a classic fairy tale: hybrids of animals and humans, a converted poacher, bad versus good, a story about a difficult friendship and hope. On the other hand – we have been experiencing such incredible events for two years, our life in a pandemic has changed so much that watching the series, it’s hard not to find an analogy.

People wearing masks in public places, a clinic in a bar, plexiglass at the reception desk, a turtle instead of a handshake, considering whether it is safe to go to a neighborhood party or whether a suspicious neighbor compulsively smears her hands with disinfecting gel – they involuntarily make the viewer smile. But there are also fear in this series, anesthesia to death, arson (yes, yes – pandemic, arson, can you see the analogy?), Distrust, hatred and the classic struggle for power. It’s a little scary to think that EVERY pandemic could lead to it.

Anna DymnaAnna Dymna will play in the catastrophe series? Yes. And it’s Polish!

Admittedly, comic book experts advise against reading it before watching the series to avoid disappointment. A comic book is a journey into darkness, and the series is like a coloring book – they write. But, hey, first it’s Netflix, entertainment for the evening on the couch. Secondly, it’s a very coherent story, fresh concept and fast-paced action. It’s really worth taking an approach to this series.

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