Asymmetrical bob: the stars who have chosen it over the years

The asymmetrical bob is a variation on the theme of the traditional bob that makes the hair much more modern, fashionable and at the same time elegant and sophisticated. In fact, the asymmetrical cut gives your face a very particular look, capable of radically changing your style and enhancing your look – and we’re not just talking about hair. Short, long, straight, curly, wavy, the asymmetrical bob it is very often a winning choice, above all because its maintenance is simpler than it may seem: if the hair is very straight, we can help ourselves with a straightener or a brush, if it is wavy or curly, however, we can resort to specific products to give greater volume and dynamism to our hairstyle.

Who is the asymmetrical cut good for? If we talk about carrè, we can say that it is a rather versatile haircut, capable of easily adapting to any type of face, any type of hair, any style and personality. It is equally true, however, that an asymmetrical bob will have a greater yield especially if we are faced with thick and “thick” hair, because very straight and very thin hair tends to weigh down the hair without giving it particular volume. As for the shape of the face, however, if we already have an elongated face, an asymmetrical carrè will accentuate our angularity more; if, on the other hand, we have a smaller or rounder face, the yoke will help us lengthen it.

Asymmetrical long bob: long in front, very short in the back

The most famous variant of the asymmetrical carrè it is the long bob long in front and short in the back, perhaps with a line in the center, to give greater emphasis to the lengths. However, there is also the variant of the wavy long bob, perfect if we have hair that is not particularly thick and we are looking for a cut and hairstyle that will help us give more volume but in a simple and natural way.

Asymmetrical bob: all the stars who have chosen it

Comfortable, timeless, versatile, the asymmetrical bob is so much loved and requested that the stars decide to try it at least once in their life. There have been many celebrities who have chosen the asymmetrical bob during their career and each of them has decided to show it off in a unique way that is totally in line with their personality. Julia Roberts, for example, who chooses an asymmetrical yoke down to the collarbone but shorter at the back, particularly layered and with a wavy and slightly messy crease. A little shorter, towards the chin, but equally wavy was that of Rachel McAdams, with a low side parting and a diagonal tuft on the forehead. The choice of Jennifer Lawrence was different, who in the past sported a bob just above the shoulders, in which the scaling is not only in the back or front of the hair, but spreads along the whole head, so as to increase the volume and the movement on the whole hair. Equally original and certainly unforgettable is the asymmetrical bob that Selena Gomez sported in 2017, a yoke that starts very short at the back and slowly lengthens in front, very gradually but with the same determination of a rock star.

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