Asymmetrical lob, timeless hairlook

Characterized by an irregular perimeter, the asymmetrical lob is liked because it is versatile, transversal and has that extra twist that distinguishes it from the classic bob.

Crush’s return, as today’s young people say, came thanks to Kristen Stewart’s appearance at the Cannes Festival. Her blond and asymmetrical lob won us all. It will be for the saucy waves, it will be for the asymmetry, it will be for both, but the hairook of Kristen, combined with a Chanel outfit worn on the skin, had a bomb effect.

As we have already reiterated several times, the bob is a cut with a thousand implications, all wearable and above all all adaptable to the characteristics of each person’s face. The asymmetrical lob has two large axes on its side: one lies in the length at the shoulders, which gives a more composed look. The other lies in the asymmetry: it is usually longer on one side and shorter on the other, but there may be small variations. Together, these two elements distinguish the cut, making it interesting even with natural colors.

Smooth asymmetrical lob

On the smooth side the asymmetry is emphasized a lot: the best way to wear it is with a deep side line and a slightly irregular perimeter. The shorter side worn behind the ear highlights the face and plays on the differences in level.

Asymmetrical wavy

For the summer, an interesting variant is the one that sees a styling slightly moved by half waves, as worn by Cara Delevingne at the Cannes Film Festival. Here, too, a deep side line and a lock behind the ears are a must. The result is a fresh hairlook, with an informal chic, which thanks to a slightly wet texture immediately acquires great personality.

Asymmetrical lob

The side line can be replaced by a central parting and in this case the asymmetry is not between the sides but between the front and back. Taylor Hill wears it paraded, almost to the limit of a shug cut, with light but textured locks just enough with a salt spray or a dry shampoo to make the whole full-bodied.

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