At 21 Fiorentina-Twente, the probable formations: Italian evaluates whether to choose Jovic or Cabral

It will also be a goal achieved after a year of work, but the emotion is there and it is difficult to hide it. But to paraphrase Vincenzo Italiano it is necessary to forget everything at the starting whistle: the Fiorentina returns to Europe in the Conference League playoffs where he will challenge the Twente (9.00 pm) in a first leg race in which it will be essential to start on the right foot. The goal is only one, to reach the qualification: however, the almost perfect match is needed for the Franchi, in front of his audience.

How Fiorentina arrives

“It is one of the most prepared and organized teams and this gives us the opportunity not to underestimate it even if we would not have done it anyway because it is too important a goal for us. They have been working together for years, they are very dangerous and must be faced with the utmost attention”. The technician of the Viola Vincenzo Italiano has clear ideas, in continental competitions it is better not to underestimate anyone: for the match against the Dutch we start from fixed points, with Jovic ready to be reconfirmed from 1 ‘. In the trident Nico Gonzalez is the only one sure of a jersey while on the opposite lane there will be the runoff between Ikoné and Sottil, with the latter in the lead.

In front of Terracciano Milenkovic and Martinez Quarta, with Biraghi on the left: the only doubt on the right with Dodô ahead of Venuti. In midfield space for Amrabat escorted by Bonaventura and Duncan.

How Twente arrives

“They are two similar teams, they both play offensive football only that Fiorentina verticalize a little less than us who move the ball faster”, reiterated the coach. Ron Jans at a press conference. The Dutch team should confirm the 4-2-3-1 with Van Wolfswinkel the only striker supported by Rots, Vlap and Misidjan. Kjölö and Sadilek will be in the control room while Brenet, Hilgers, Propper and Smal will act in front of Unnerstall.

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