at 25 from death the clothes that made him immortal

There are clothes destined to remain etched in the minds of each of us, due to the greatness of the artists who created them and the moments they marked in history. Certainly, 25 years after the death of Gianni Versaceher creations continue to be impossible to forget and her most beautiful dresses transcend time and trends, making us dream even today.

Gianni Versace, the wonderful dresses of Lady Diana

Gianni Versace and Lady Diana were linked by a great friendship that it has also marked the history of fashion. The first time the Princess wore a creation of her was for a photo shoot made by Patrick Demarchelier. It was 1991, and those shots marked an era. In those photos Lady D wore a long light blue dress studded with applications, immediately became iconic. But over the years the Princess enriched her wardrobe with many pieces by Versace: in addition to the suits (which she particularly loved and which she collected in different colors, even bright ones), the evening dresses.

One of the most beautiful – and which hid a hidden meaning – was the purple dress she chose for the gala dinner at Field Museum of Natural History of Chicago in June of 1996. A garment that fit her perfectly and of a very striking color that marked his newfound freedom after the divorce from Prince Charles.

The Safety Pin Dress she wore Liz Hurley (and who caused a scandal)

Among the most iconic dresses designed by Gianni Versace it is impossible to forget the Safety Pin Dressthe black dress chosen by Liz Hurley to present herself at the film’s premiere in 1994 Four weddings and a funeral. The dress, needless to say, immediately caused a scandal. The reason was the golden accessories that held it together: it was a series of safety pins embellished with the Versace symbol at the edges, which tied the various portions of fabric, leaving some points of the actress’s body uncovered.

That dress – which made the maison known also internationally – is still today one of the most famous contemporary pieces in the fashion world.

Gianni Versace, the famous “Oroton” dresses

To Gianni Versace we owe the invention of Oroton, a fabric born from his immense creativity, which was as soft as silk but somehow approached the texture of metal. Hence those dresses that became a pillar, and which are still worn today by stars such as Jennifer Lopez, Blake Lively and Kim Kardashian.

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of her death, Carla Bruni, Claudia Schiffer, Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford and Helena Christensen closed the spring / summer 2018 show with five dresses in Oroton, all different, to celebrate the immense talent of Gianni.

Cindy Crawford, the unforgettable red dress

On the red carpet of the 1991 Oscars, hand in hand of her then husband Richard Gere, the muse of the designer Cindy Crawford showed off the unforgettable red dress by Gianni Versace. It was a long evening dress with a generous neckline, which looking at it today is more relevant than ever.

In a 2008 poll published in The Telegraphthe dress was voted 12th in the ranking of the best dresses of all time seen on a red carpet.

Madonna, inspiring muse and Versace testimonial

The unmistakable style of Gianni Versace could only bewitch even a star of the caliber of Madonna. The skilful mix of tradition and innovation, elegance and sensuality, with a hint of irreverence, conquered the pop star who is still linked to the fashion house today, for which he posed for more than one campaign. The golden pleated dress is unforgettable worn on stage in 1995.

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