At 43, Ninel Conde Wears Her Mini Waist and Marked Abdomen

Ninel Conde

True to the sensuality that characterizes her, Ninel Conde pleased her social media fans with a publication where she presumes her worked anatomy in sportswear

Mexico City.- Singer and actress Ninel Conde used her Instagram account to show her followers a couple of photos of the results of the constant exercise.

On Sundays She also trains, we must not lose sight of the goal. Have you trained today? Give it to him! ”The famous wrote.

In the most recent image, the famous 43-year-old woman wears an orange top and tight black leggings, with this garment exposed her small waist and marked abdomen.

Ninel is a regular at constant physical activity, as her social networks are always updated with the new content of this type, where she is seen exercising in tight attire.



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