At an MST event, Haddad and Alckmin appear together for the first time

Geraldo Alckmin and Fernando Haddad attended an MST event in Andradina this Friday (24) (Photo: Disclosure)

Geraldo Alckmin and Fernando Haddad attended an MST event in Andradina this Friday (24) (Photo: Disclosure)

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  • At the inauguration of the MST, Haddad and Alckmin were together at an event for the first time

  • Pre-candidate for the state government of SP, Haddad counts on Alckmin’s popularity to boost campaign

  • Alckmin and Haddad exchanged praise at the MST event

This Friday (24), Fernando Haddad (PT), pre-candidate for the government of the state of São Paulo, and Geraldo Alckmin (PSB), pre-candidate for the vice presidency of the Republic, were together for the first time in an event public.

Haddad and Alckmin participated in the opening of an MST dairy cooperative, in the city of Andradina, and exchanged praise and friendly comments. The event featured a barbecue and forró band.

The PT member praised the slate made up of Lula (PT) and Alckmin and spoke about the importance of defeating President Jair Bolsonaro (PL). “We have to enthusiastically welcome this alliance between Lula and Alckmin, which will end this absurd fascist government”, declared Fernando Haddad.

The former governor, on the other hand, praised Haddad’s administration as Minister of Education and made fun of chayote producers. Alckmin was also praised by MST leaders.

Popular in the state of São Paulo after being governor four times, Geraldo Alckmin is expected to play a key role in Haddad’s campaign, boosting the PT’s campaign. Alckmin is considered popular with older people in the countryside and also has good traffic in São Paulo agribusiness, which could help the former mayor’s campaign.

Dispute with Marcio França

The joint appearance of Haddad and Alckmin takes place at a time when there is still uncertainty in São Paulo regarding the role of the PSB in the state. The party also has Marcio França as a pre-candidate for the government of São Paulo and, so far, there is no public sign of withdrawal.

Between the PT and PSB summits, there are talks for France to try to run for the Federal Senate for Haddad’s ticket and leave PT as a representative of Lula and Alckmin in the race for the Bandeirantes Palace.

In April, Datafolha showed Fernando Haddad with 29% of voting intentions, while France had 20%. Tarcisio, 10%; Garcia, 6%.

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