At Pukkelpop 2023, Angèle finally queen van Vlaanderen: “It will be bijna the end of the concert” (photos)

She may have started her career for a while now, Angèle had never climbed on the main stage of one of the two biggest festivals in the north of the country. For a solo performance anyway. “But it should have been the case a long time ago. The fault of the Covid no doubt”, we were slipped in particular last night in the backstages of Pukkelpop, when the thing was now acquired. “But here, she is almost as well known and expected as Stromae”, estimated a Dutch-speaking colleague a few minutes before seeing her land on stage.


Here, she is almost as well known and expected as Stromae.

Even if she had fun last night recalling that she was in the audience with two girlfriends just 10 years ago, the Brussels native had obviously already come to sing at Kiewit (It was on the Dancehall stage in 2018) or in Werchter (The Barn, in 2019), but this is the first time, this year, that she has appeared there as a real headliner. The opportunity to test her notoriety among our northern neighbors, when she presented, for the last time, in Belgium, her concert of the tour Ninety-Five Tower. Four dates are, in fact, still on her agenda (Lyon, Marseille, Toulouse and the festivals of humanity in Brétigny-sur-Orge), but she will therefore no longer pass by us before taking, no doubt, a few months deserved rest. Her Belgian fans will therefore have to wait until her next tour to see Angèle Van Laeken on stage again.

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His fans precisely, they were not spared and spared this Saturday by the programmers of the Limburg festival. The latter had, in fact, earlier in the day, programmed Turnstile and Limp Bizkit on their biggest stage. Suffice to say that we jostled quite a bit while waiting for the Brussels woman on the Limburg plain, before Anne-Marie came to bring back a little calm and serenity as the sun was setting over Kiewit.

Elsewhere, this third day of Limburg festivities was an opportunity to meet Peuk, the locals of the stage, Nabihah Iqbal, the French-speaking Rori (who could this time defend her work on a real stage), the restless High Vis and Amyl and the Sniffers see again Dry Cleaning. While the Fleming Clouseau had launched the whole thing during a surprise and epic concert under the Marquee, a high mass (or fair, it depends) from the North of the country. All in all, a busy afternoon.

By closing the third day of Pukkelpop and passing just after Billie Eilish who was on the same stage the day before, Angèle could hardly avoid the comparison with the American, but she did quite well. If there were necessarily fewer people in front of the big stage than 24 hours earlier, the Belgian managed to move and attract people, confirming, if it were still necessary, that her notoriety is also important to the other side of the linguistic border. “Her duet with Dua Lipa has been talked about a lot here,” adds the Dutch-speaking colleague.

Faced with tens of thousands of people, the Brussels singer delivered a well-known show without any real surprises, offering a well-established setlist identical in all respects to her latest releases. Of more meaning to his tube Brussels I love youPassing by To forget everything, Free Or Swing your what, accompanied by several dancers, the Belgian made the Limburg crowd move and sing, which seems to have taken advantage of the moment.

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And to put the public in the pocket, Angèle had not failed to add to her vocabulary a few words in the language of Vondel, however quickly returning to French in the text as soon as things got a little complicated. “Goeienavond Pukkelpop”, she launched in particular while climbing on stage. Here, we obviously enjoyed it. And as a true Brussels resident, she ended up mixing the two languages, causing a few peals of laughter in the crowd. “It will be bijna the end of the concert”, she let go in particular when the concert was coming to an end.

Not at his side this time, Dua Lipa then Damso appeared on the screen to accompany Angèle on Fever And demonstwo songs awaited by the assembly, before Brussels I love you does not come to close a successful performance.

While the Killers, Macklemore, Foals or even Balthazar (who, as a reminder, replaces Florence and the Machine) are particularly expected this Sunday on the plain of Kiewit, the crowd went dancing until the end of the night under the Limburg capitals. Wrapped in a black, yellow, red flag, Angèle left the stage with a smile on her face, after having fully assumed her status as headliner of this third day of Pukkelpop.

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