At risk of bubbles, after mineral water it’s up to beer

Accountant Fantozzi watched the game eating an onion omelette and an ice-cold family beer. There is a risk that carbon dioxide supply difficulties (CO2) will force us to accompany the omelette with a glass of natural water.

Manufacturers of sparkling waters they find it increasingly difficult to manage production costs and now, it could be the industry that is paying the price beer. The alternative, always lurking, is that of a notable price increase.

Goodbye to beer?

The fizzy beverage industry is at a crossroads. Carbonated water is increasingly difficult to find, explains Repubblica, because the production of carbon dioxide – activity in itself energy-intensive – is reaching unsustainable costs. A shortage that could have significant repercussions on sales prices, thus making even simple sparkling water an expensive good or could induce the industry to suspend at least part of its production, as Sant’Anna water did, however, it has chosen. to stop it altogether.

There are some big names in the sector that produce CO2 on their own, but many companies have to buy it on the market at ever-increasing prices, precisely because producing it requires a lot of energy. To this must also be added the drought which is contributing to the drying up of the water sources from which the water we drink is drawn.

A crisis that affects all carbonated drinks and therefore water, the sweet drinks that we put on our tables and, last but not least, industrial beer already undermined by the increase in the costs of raw materials used in production processes. There are however beers (and wines) whose bubbles are the result of fermentation and which are less dependent on CO2. However, the situation raises concerns for the future, even if alarmism is not the most considered attitude.

Carbon dioxide

The CO2 shortage does not only affect the beverage sector. It is used in many sectors, including food, refrigeration and in the medical instrumentation sector. It is also part of the fertilizer production cycles and, last but not least, it is a fundamental component of many fire extinguishers commonly found on the market.

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