At the Alfieri in Asti the musical “Valjean” for the 100th anniversary of Lilt

Starting from Asti Teatro 10 years ago, «Valjean» returns to the city: tonight, Saturday 21 May, at Alfieri for the 100th anniversary of Lilt. «An incredible coincidence – underlines the author and performer Fabrizio Rizzolo -“ Valjean ”made its debut in 2012 at the festival thanks to the falling in love with Gianni Miroglio, vice president of Lilt. Today, after ten years, we are back on stage in Asti and precisely for Lilt ».

Taken from «The Miserables» by Victor Hugo, «ValjeanIs a show of Fulvio Crivello (also director) e Fabrizio Rizzolo (together they also sign lyrics and libretto) with Sandro Cuccuini (music). It tells the story of former convict Jean Valjean between the Toulon penitentiary, the Monsieur Madeleine factory and the aftermath of the French Revolution, in a last-ditch struggle with Inspector Javert.

Already nominated for the Italian Oscars of the musical Off, for the first time “Valjean” will be on stage with a live orchestra. «It’s a bit like when the soundtrack starts in the movies, that part that you can’t tell in words – underlines Rizzolo – This musical Off is theater that at a certain point sublimates in song and music, a completely natural passage. And while until today there was only one musician to accompany the scene, this time there will be seven ».

Directed by Sandro Cuccuini on the piano, they will play Maria Camilla Ormezzano and Maria Polidori (violin), Livio Ramasso (horn), Marcello Angeli (trombone), Stefano Carrara (keyboards), Andrea Vigliocco (percussion). On stage, six actors to play 29 characters: the same Rizzolo with Isabella Tabarini, Sebastiano Di Bella, Susi Amerio, Giorgio Menicacci, Jacopo Siccardi. «I am fond of this show which now has 80 performances – underlines Crivello – After ten years we are still together, I am proud of the path of“ Valjean ”and of presenting it with the live orchestra». The show has always had excellent reviews and the convinced applause of the public: “What surprised us most, positively, is that there are spectators who have seen it more than once – continues Rizzolo – a good sign: the people come back if he saw something beautiful. It is gratifying to have reactions of great emotion from the public, they are the most beautiful things you take home ».

Tickets cost 25 euros: the proceeds will go to Lilt (reservations at 0141 / 595.196).

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