At the Botanical Garden of Rome the exhibition curated by NABA

It was inaugurated on June 20, all‘Botanical Garden of Romethe collective (Im) possible Ecologies, presented by NABA, New Academy of Fine Arts. The students of the academy of the Master’s Degree in Visual Arts and Curatorial Studies in Milan took care of the curation of the exhibition, including the selection of the works, which took place after an open call addressed to the artists who attended the Bachelor’s Degree in Painting and Visual Arts of the NABA offices in Milan and Rome.

The exhibition, which was born from an idea of Andris Brinkmanis And Marco Scotinicoordinated by Vasco Forconi, is part of a line of research that the academy has been carrying out for some years and analyzes the relationship between ecologies, artistic practices and curatorial studies. This investigation was inspired by the thought of Félix Guattari, who identified the need for a triple articulation of ecology as environmental, social and psychic, considering it the only suitable way to heal the ecological crisis. Ecology is not aimed only at nature, but is proposed as an “ecology of the possible”, or rather a reactivation of the faculty of re-enchanting and reimagining the world, as Silvia Federici said, which since the 1990s seems to have been violently removed from collective political horizon and co-opted by the domination of Western technology. Today, in fact, doing ecology means dealing with the question “What is possible?”, Using what Deleuze and Guattari defined as a nomadic science.

5) Francesca Bullo, Prayer to the Mother, 2021

The Botanical Garden of Rome, a living museum and place for the protection of biodiversity, is the ideal place to reflect on these questions. In the works of the artists, which range from installations to performances, from sculpture to photographs, nomadism, myth and metamorphosis, ecofeminism, colonial memories and deceleration are intertwined, which are just some of the possible declinations of an ecology at plural, which is increasingly manifested through a holistic conception of the environment, in which all elements, species and forces exist in a reciprocal interconnection and interdependence. (Im) possible Ecologies is part of a larger exhibition project, which will continue next autumn with an exhibition dedicated to the theme of memory and the archive in Milan.

Students of the MA in Visual Arts and Curatorial Studies of NABA, curators of the exhibition:
Shamooda Amrelia, Elisabetta Calligaro, Antonela Solenicki, Zixin Han, Harshitha Jois, Elena Marcon, Nicolò Martinelli, Rosaria Murolo, Alberto Navilli, Barbara Niniano, Martina Pumpel, Alessia Riva, Federica Rizzo.

The artists who participated in the project are the students of the Bachelor’s Degree in Painting and Visual Arts of the Milan and Rome offices and of the Specialist Biennium in Visual Arts and Curatorial Studies of NABA in Milan: Chiara Antonelli, Roberta Argenta, Davide Barberi, Eleonora Del Bene, Isabel Bergant, Elisabetta Bottura, Francesca Bullo, Alessandro Cavallini, Elisa Ceneri, Michela Fabriani, Diego Giannettoni, Romina Guerrero, Camilla Gurgone, Munisa Kholkhujaeva, Kenny Alexander Laurence, Miranda Lopez Ortega, Giorgio Mattia, Rebecca Momoli, Katia Mosconi, Giuliana Paolino, Tatiana Russi Soto, Lorenzo Silvestri, Alessandro Sorrentino, Shaha Tanvi, Mateusz Dalla Torre, Barbara De Veteris, Iris Volpato and Shaoqi Yin.

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