At the Casa del Cinema in Rome “13 days of celebration. A great journey through the cities of the world”

With the Christmas cycle “13 days of celebration. A great journey through the cities of the world”, the Casa del Cinema in Rome is once again giving its audience a special program to spend the holidays together. It will be from 26 December to 8 January, free of charge, with a program full of international films that will bring two distinct reviews to the Sala Cinecittà. And an extraordinary event on January 1, within the Capodarte initiative, which will host the preview of “Quattordici giorni”, the new film by Ivan Cotroneo which will be present in theaters together with the protagonists Carlotta Natoli and Thomas Trabacchi. The guiding idea of ​​this year can be summed up in the subtitle of the review. Or rather “a great journey through the cities of the world”, narrated in two parallel programmes.

Trip “To the cities of dreams / Great couples, great love stories”

On the one hand “In the cities of dreams / Great couples, great love stories”, a series of great film duets with pairs of protagonists who have made entire generations dream. From Jack Lemmon & Walter Matthau in “The Odd Couple” to Richard Gere & Julia Roberts in “Pretty Woman”, passing through Woody Allen & Diane Keaton in “Play It Again, Sam” or Valeria Bruni Tedeschi & Micaela Ramazzotti in “The Mad Joy” . There will be nine films in all, set in dreamed cities and guardians of our imagination. On the other hand, “9 steps in real cities / The Casa del Cinema festivals”. A truly unprecedented initiative involving nine festivals which over the years have made the Casa del Cinema their ideal home.

The “9 Steps in Royal Cities” Festival

From the Poland of “Sonata” to the Africa of “The athlete – Abebe Bikila”. Then, from the Spain of “O que arde” to the “Golden Voices” of Israel, to the Ireland of “Redemption of a Rogue”. From Sweden with “Border”, from Bulgaria with “The Return 2” to Albania with “A life with you” up to the Balkans with “Stories of chestnut woods”. With international festivals you travel to places that embody the natural vocation of programming, designed for an audience that is passionate and curious about the new. Naturally, everything revolves around the theme of Capodarte 2023, dedicated to “The invisible cities” by Italo Calvino, whose centenary of birth is celebrated in 2023. And it is no coincidence that the film scheduled for January 1st is “Quattordici giorni”, a love story in Rome that is very topical yet dreamed of by the two protagonists, who will be at the Casa del Cinema.

The Casa del Cinema is generously supported by many foreign institutions

“With “13 days of celebration” – says the director of the Casa del Cinema, Giorgio Gosetti – we wanted to summarize the spirit of our work over the years. Revolving around a highly suggestive theme such as Calvin’s invisible cities. But the extraordinary novelty this time lies in the generous participation of many foreign institutions that have supported us in this wonderful adventure between the end and the beginning of the year”. All the festivals “have turned into the Wise Men of the Casa del Cinema, each bringing their favorite film as a gift for an overview that blends surprise and entertainment, discovery and wonder. Linking the topicality of today’s best cinema with the myths of yesterday seems to us to be the best way to celebrate cinema in all its forms, a great kaleidoscope in which everyone can find their end-of-year gift”.

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