At the Huma Festival, Angèle took over “Saiyan”… for real

At the Huma Festival this weekend, near Paris, Angèle took up Saiyan by Gazo and Heuss The bastard. This summer, a false cover of this song with the voice of the Belgian singer was generated by artificial intelligence.

09/19/2023, 11:5709/19/2023, 1:57 p.m.

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Sunday September 17, festival-goers at the Fête de l’Humanité, south of Paris, were able to discover Angèle’s performance on the title Saiyan. The real Angèle, for a real interpretation. Last month, it was a false version, generated by artificial intelligence, which caused a lot of talk. Even the singer was troubled.

In a nod to this anecdote, the Belgian therefore took up this title from Gazo and Heuss L’enfoiré on the stage of the Fête de l’Huma, to the great pleasure of her fans.

The video of the version generated by beatmaker Lnkhey had collected thousands of likes and been viewed more than 6 million times. The author of this false interpretation himself shared Angèle’s live performance on X (formerly Twitter).

“Bahaha the impact my Saiyan remix had! Angèle just did a cover for her last concert of her tour lol”

Lnkhey on

The place ofAI in the world of entertainment

The use of artificial intelligence in music is not new. Since the start of the year, several artists have been copied. This was the case for a song between Drake and The Weeknd, a fictional collaboration, but which was very successful.

Some artists have spoken out against these technologies, like Sting. Curious, but cautious, the Briton, like others, would like better supervision.

“This is going to be the fight in which we will all have to take part in the coming years: defending our human capital against AI (…). Tools can be useful, but they must be controlled. We must not let the machines take over. We must remain wary.”

Sting about AI

For the moment, the use of these technologies is not particularly regulated in the world of music. Enough to raise ethical questions. In Hollywood, actors went on strike in July, in particular to demand better supervision of artificial intelligence, because they fear, without legislation, that their image cannot be used by the studios.

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