At the last vote film, plot, actors, cast, final, where it is shot, location

A struggling politician hires a strategist to get back in the polls. But not everything goes as planned.

Iris proposes the film entitled To the last vote. It is a comedy genre film with dramatic atmospheres.

The production is of the United States of America. The year of realization is 2015 and the duration is one hour and 48 minutes.

To the last vote film actors

At the last vote film – direction, protagonists, where it is shot

The direction is by David Gordon Green. Main protagonists are Jane Bodine And Pat Candy interpreted respectively by Sandra Bullock And Billy Bob Thornton. Also in the cast Joaquim de Almeida in the role of Pedro Castillo.

Filming took place at Puerto Ricoin particular a El Yunke and neighboring areas in the territory of San Juan.

The production is of the Fortis Films in collaboration with Participant And Smokehouse Pictures.

The film is known internationally with the title Our Band Is Crisis.

At the last vote the film where it is shot

Last vote – plot of the film broadcast on Iris

In 2002, the Bolivian politician Pedro Castillo hires an American policy consulting firm to help him win the 2002 presidential election. The company hires “Calamity” Jane Bodine to manage the election campaign of Castillo. The main political advisor of the opposition is the American Pat Candy. In Bolivia the situation is tense: Bodine he learns that the indigenous people, who are the majority in the country, do not have real political power, are protesting for a constitutional reform to obtain adequate representation.

In the following months, the team implemented a “crisis declaration” strategy. It is thought to scare people, with the aim of convincing them to vote for the unpleasant but known Castillo rather than for younger opposition candidates. They even resort to posting photos of their enemy with the Nazi war criminal Klaus Barbie in the background, so that he has to deny that he is a Nazi. The bus of Castillo is stopped by a group of protesters who do not want the International Monetary Fund in Bolivia. Castillo promises them that he will not access the IMF without a public referendum.

Final spoiler

After a series of vicissitudes Bodine and his team catch up Candy on the way to the airport. Everybody except Bodine, have already accepted a job as political consultant in other countries. When Bodine realizes he has brought a liar into office, stops the car and drives off.

To the last final film vote

To the last vote: the full cast

Below is the cast of the film To the last vote and the respective characters played by the actors

  • Sandra Bullock: “Calamity” Jane Bodine
  • Billy Bob Thornton: Pat Candy
  • Joaquim de Almeida: Pedro Castillo
  • Anthony Mackie: Well
  • Zoe Kazan: LeBlanc
  • Scoot McNairy: Rich
  • Ann Dowd: In the

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